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NFL Fines Demario Davis $7,000 For Wearing ‘Man Of God’ Headband

With or without the headband, he will still glorify God!

NFL Fines Demario Davis $7,000 For Wearing ‘Man Of God’ Headband
NFL Fines Demario Davis $7,000 For Wearing ‘Man Of God’ Headband

The NFL fined Demario Davis $7,000 for wearing a headband with “Man Of God” written on it.

New Orleans Saint Demarion Davis

On September 29, the New Orleans Saint posted on Instagram a headband with the words “Man Of God” written on it. Alongside the photo, he shared that he got fined for wearing it and asked the people to decide whether he will continue to wear it or not.

“So, I got fined $7K for my headband. Should I continue to wear it, or nah,” he wrote in the caption.

The photo received a lot of reactions and comments from people who support Demario. People wanted him to keep on wearing the headband and many were also shocked that he was fined for just a headband.

“Man Of God”

He wore the headband on the Saints’ Week 3 game held last September 23 against Seattle Seahawks. He asked if he should continue wearing it. But perhaps knowing that a second fine for the same infraction is doubled, he didn’t end up wearing it for last week’s game against the Dallas Cowboys.

Demario’s fines were $7,017 for the first offense and $14,037 for the second offense.

Personal Message Rule

According to the NFL, Demario was fined because the headband violated the “personal message” rule under uniform violations. In 2015, DeAngelo Williams was also fined for the same violation when he wore a pink breast cancer awareness ribbon. That happened during breast cancer awareness month.

Demario also said that he wasn’t fully aware of the policy that the NFL set.

“I don’t think a lot of people were aware of the policy that was in place, I wasn’t even fully aware of it,” Davis said. “I just wanted to put it out and just kind of help fans who care about the game understand a more intricate part of the game.”

Glorify God

Despite the circumstances, Demario Davis will still glorify God using his platform with or without the headband. He also sees the issue as an opportunity, finding the silver lining.

“Nobody wants to lose money but I think any time that the conversation about God is brought up. Especially in these times, I think it’s always a positive or silver lining. If He can get glory from it, I think He can get glory from it whether I personally wear the headband or don’t wear the headband. He’s always gonna be in control of the whole situation. We’re still all good.”

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Reference: Instagram | d56davis 

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