The Normal Christian Life now on GOD TV – Sundays at 7.30 pm | God TV

The Normal Christian Life now on GOD TV – Sundays at 7.30 pm

New series urges all believers to have faith, pray for the sick and be prepared to share the Gospel no matter what

The Normal Christian Life started on GOD TV on April 8th and can now be seen each Sunday at 7.30 pm. This is an engaging Reality TV series from Brisbane, Australia that will inspire you to go further in God. It urges all believers to have faith, pray for the sick and be prepared to share the Gospel no matter what.

The Normal Christian LifeThe Normal Christian Life is hosted by Nathaniel Oliveri, who is a passionate evangelist who walks closely with the Lord. He and his wife, Hayley have an amazing testimony of how God turned their lives around, especially concerning their miracle baby daughter, Gabriella.

Nathaniel is part of Glory City Church led by Pastors Tom and Katherine Ruonala and the series contains testimonies, re-enactments and footage featuring members of the church as they go onto the streets to share the love of God. He believes that every Christian is called to imitate Christ which means we must be radical, bold witnesses for Him, our lives full of the supernatural power of God. This isn’t something for an elite few. It’s how the normal Christian life is meant to be!

Coming Up on The Normal Christian Life

  1. Nathaniel and the Normal Christian Life team film Radical Miracle. John and Pat go onto the streets showing the love of God and praying for healing.
  2. The Normal Christian Life team presents Jesus Loves Atheists. The team follows Andrew and Nathaniel as they walk the streets praying for people to be healed.
  3. God ruins a normal workday! Nathaniel and the team from Glory City Church follow Aaron who has a prophetic word for some labourers. With an inteview with Todd White of Lifestyle Christianity.
  4. Suicide prevention God’s way. Nathaniel and the team capture the testimony of Spencer who was ready to give up on life.
  5. Nathaniel and the team at Glory City Church challenge viewers to radical boldness. In this episode God gate crashes a drive in cinema as Mitch, Joel, Candice and Abby pray for people at their cars.
  6. Today the team follows Mitch as he prays for people on the streets and a woman’s leg miraculously grows out.
  7. In this episode the team captures how Jill steps out in faith to pray for people for the very first time.
  8. “Can a violent suburb be saved?” Nathaniel asks as Sili, who recently encountered Jesus, shares how he has already had to make a stand for his faith.
  9. Today the team shows what happens when a group of Jesus followers attend one of Australia’s biggest psychedelic events.
  10. How many new years left? The Normal Christian Life team follow Nathaniel Oliveri as he prays for people on New Year’s Eve, giving them words of knowledge.
  11. Nathaniel and Hayley share the heart-rending story of how their daughter’s heart stopped just after birth. All they could do was pray and Hayley suddenly had a vision of Jesus.

Watch the Normal Christian Life on Sundays at 7.30pm with replays during the week.

Read/Watch the extraordinary testimony of their baby daughter Gabriella who is featured on the Normal Christian Life.

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