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Notre Dame’s Two Main Historic Artifacts Survived the Blaze

Though we may not revere relics we can appreciate their historic value

Notre Dame’s Two Main Historic Artifacts Survived the Blaze
Notre Dame’s Two Main Historic Artifacts Survived the Blaze

After the  horrific fire that tore through the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, at least two significant major historic artifacts are confirmed to be safe, according to officials.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo confirmed that several of the church’s most famous relics are safe, while culture minister Franck Riester said others are under lock and key at the city hall.

The Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris is known to be the home to scores of priceless artifacts, artwork, and religious relics collected over the centuries, each with their own story, but because of the destructive fire, many feared these treasures might be lost forever.

While many of us don’t revere religious relics we can still appreciate the historic value of such items and the need to preserve them as we would with any exhibit in a museum, especially if they have lasted for centuries.

Two of the most famous objects and artworks associated with Notre Dame include what is alleged to be the wreath of Jesus, however unlikely that may be. The other is a garment worn by a king of France, Louis IX who became a saint in the Catholic church.

The Crown of Thorns

Claimed to be the wreath placed on the head of Jesus Christ at his crucifixion the cathedral would call it a “most precious and most venerated relic”.

Louis IX brought ‘the Crown of Thorns’, which is kept in an elaborate gold case, to Paris in 1238. Ms. Hidalgo said it is in safekeeping.

The ‘Tunic of Saint Louis’

The relic of St Louis’ tunic is made from linen and is usually housed in the treasury of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

It belonged to the French king who reigned from 1226 until 1270 when he died on crusade in Algeria. In 1239,  Louis IX carried the ‘crown of thorns’ in a procession into the city of Paris, wearing just this simple tunic.

Ms Hidalgo confirmed that the Tunic of Saint Louis is safe. However, the fate of other artifacts is still unconfirmed.

While many of the most important pieces housed at the cathedral were removed in time, others were destroyed by the blaze. The Paris prosecutors’ office said police are investigating the destruction caused by fire, but indicated that authorities are treating it as a tragic accident for now.

This Article was written by Joyca Togonon

Reference: CNN News ABC News

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