Nurse On Her Way To Work Stops To Help A Homeless Woman Give Birth | God TV

Nurse On Her Way To Work Stops To Help A Homeless Woman Give Birth

Nurse On Her Way To Work Stops To Help A Homeless Woman Give Birth
Nurse On Her Way To Work Stops To Help A Homeless Woman Give Birth

A nurse who was on her way to the hospital for duty helped a pregnant homeless woman deliver her baby along the streets in the Philippines.

On Tuesday, a post on Twitter and Facebook went viral about a nurse who offered to help deliver a homeless woman’s baby girl.

ABS-CBN News Journalist Anjo Bagaosian wrote on Twitter:

“ROADSIDE DELIVERY. A company nurse waiting for her shuttle ride to work stopped by to assist a barangay rescue team in delivering the baby girl of a homeless woman along Osmeña Avenue, Bgy. Bangkal, Makati City.”


Nurse Stops To Help Street Dweller

According to Christian Jacinto, the Barangay Rescue Committee Head, “they responded to a call of a concerned citizen.” The citizen reported a street dweller that will soon give birth. And although on her way for duty, the nurse named Loraine offered to help on the scene.

Twitter | @anjo_bagaoisan

Using the Barangay Rescue Team’s medical equipment while wearing her face mask and face shield, Loraine “cut the umbilical cord of the 31-year-old mother.” Then the ambulance came for them to be sent in a hospital.

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Christian said, “She [Loraine] was calm. While even wearing her bag, she remained calm and did not panic. Even though the people surrounding her were obviously panicking.”

Later on, the nurse had to leave for work, while the ambulance took the mother and her baby to the hospital.

A Call To Stop Discriminating Health Workers

The Barangay Rescue Committee Head commended Loraine’s commitment to helping people in need. He said, “She chose the right profession. She never hesitated nor was she selective in helping others. That was (selfless) love.”

Moreover, the medical technician said “not to discriminate against health workers.” Especially “for working in hospitals with COVID-19 patients.”

Apparently, many frontline health workers are being discriminated against in the Philippines for fear of getting infected. Some nurses have reportedly been evicted from their residences.

As of today, the Philippines has more than 169,000 confirmed Coronavirus cases with 113,000 recoveries and 2,687 deaths.

Reference: ABS-CBN News

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