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New to GOD TV – One Flesh – A Series for Couples & Families

Well-known Christian leaders bare their souls to help couples deepen their love

On Valentine’s Day, we focus on romantic love, but the ultimate purpose is to get married and ‘live happily ever after’. This isn’t always the case but it doesn’t mean we should stop trying. Jake Hamilton, Heidi Baker, Lou Engle and Shawn Bolz have high-profile ministries, yet they and their spouses are prepared to talk candidly about their home life in a new series entitled One Flesh. Together with other couples, they share how God has brought healing in their relationships and a powerful sense of oneness that has kept their love aflame long after the red roses and heart-shaped chocolates have gone.

One Flesh with Jake & Nicci Hamilton launches on February 14th.

Jake is a Christian rock artist who made his debut in 2010 with his song, Marked by Heaven, recorded LIVE during a Jesus Culture event. Today he is a celebrated singer-songwriter who has featured regularly on GOD TV’s Awakening Europe broadcasts. Jake is also a great believer in God’s power to restore relationships after God intervened in his marriage, bringing healing and setting he and his wife Nicci on a path to really become one flesh.

In this weekly series, Jake and Nicci aim to help families develop healthy rhythms that bring joy while discovering ways to overcome adversity, rejection, and loss. In the first episode, the Hamiltons share their personal story, followed by interviews with other couples in subsequent episodes.  Together they have a passion to share these stories “of a common journey to give people hope that marriage is more than just a fairy tale.”

The next couple up is the Teus who share their experiences of marriage and how God helps families shape their future. Then, Roland and Heidi Baker of Iris Global discuss what keeps them together through the tough and the tougher. The Bakers have lived their entire married life as missionaries and are known for their mission to Mozambique. Heidi is a modern day ‘Mother Theresa’ and her biography is entitled Compelled by Love.

Prophet Shawn Bolz is known for his accurate words of knowledge and of wisdom, calling out people by name. He and his wife Cherie share about their marriage and ministry. Lou Engle of TheCall has led many days of fasting and prayer on GOD TV and he and his wife Therese played a leading role in the restoration of the Hamilton’s marriage. The Engles share their passion for Jesus and for marriage. Another leading ministry couple, Paul and Denise Goulet of the International Church of Las Vegas tell how ‘a baptism of love’ changed their married lives forever.

As you watch One Flesh you will find a couple that resonates with your own story. It may be the testimony of the Perrys, a couple that saw marriage as a home improvement project, but found it is so much more. Or Rob and Amy Jones who’s marriage started off with them both going in opposite directions, but how through prayer, God saved their relationship. Or Roger and Gabrielle Joyner who found love during a night watch at a house of prayer, and share how they learned to trust Jesus in their relationship. Finally, in the last episode, the Hamiltons talk to a newly-married couple, the Thomas’s about their expectations of marriage.

One Flesh – God’s Standard For Marriage

“For this reason, a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh” (Matthew 19:5)

God clearly wants to see marriages thrive, despite the world’s trend to give up when relationships go sour. God is the Great restorer and His heart is always for reconciliation. The Scripture says what He has joined together, let no man separate. ‘One fleshness’ in a marriage is powerful as husband and wives walk together in unity. As the scriptures declare, one can put a thousand to flight but two, together, can conquer ten thousand. God blesses unity and a three-fold cord cannot be broken.

Watch One Flesh and believe God to enrich your marriage. Starting on GOD TV on Wednesday, February 14 at 9.30 pm with replays on Fridays at 4 pm, Sundays at 8.30 pm and Tuesdays at 11 am.

In addition to the TV series, One Flesh has other resources to help couples. The OneFlesh website consists of stories, conversations, and other helpful tools. Jake and Nicci also host OneNight gatherings where couples can take time out to reflect on their relationships and receive an impartation from God. They are currently on a One Flesh Tour where they share marriage stories, release hope, and pray for breakthrough for marriages and families.

“This is a Reformation of Love rooted in the Father’s Heart and manifest in Family,” said Jake. “Nicci and I couldn’t be more excited to see what God does with these episodes.”


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