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One Of The 7 Hebrew Words For Praise, “Halal”

One Of The 7 Hebrew Words For Praise, “Halal”
One Of The 7 Hebrew Words For Praise, “Halal”

The Hebrew Bible has 7 words for the word ‘praise.’ But for this article, we will be studying the first Hebrew word, ‘halal.’

When a Christian is asked about ‘praise,’ he or she may answer ‘worship.’ But praise and worship are different. Worship is a lifestyle. It is an act of devotion and submission to the Kingship and Lordship of Christ. Meanwhile, praise is the physical expression of worship. But, praise is very dynamic and extensive that the Biblical authors used seven words to describe it.

Hebrew Word for Praise is Halal

The first word, Halal, is the most heard of the seven. We hear it mostly in churches, and we may have even used it. It is the root word of the expression ‘Hallelujah.’

The ancient Hebrew word, Halal, is found over 160 times in the Bible and has four definitions:

  1. It is to be clamorously foolish.
  2. It means to boast.
  3. Another definition is to shine or rave.
  4. And last, to act madly.

King David is a prominent character in the Bible who applied ‘halal.’ In 2 Samuel 6, David danced before the Lord with all his might in the midst of his subjects and servants. His exuberant worship put his wife, Michal, in contempt. When she confronted him with it, David replied, “I will dance before the Lord, and I will dishonor myself and humble myself even more.”

David did not regard his position and status, because he put God’s position above his.

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In the same way, when we practice halal in our worship of God, it sets aside our self-consciousness and dignity to magnify God. It can mean dancing before Him (even though you may have two left feet) or jumping in the midst of the congregation. As long as your heart is in humility, bringing something to Jesus without any inhibition or reservation.

“I will tell of Your Name to my brothers and sisters; in the midst of the congregation I will HALAL You.” Psalm 22:22

Reference: Youtube | Emmanuel EFC

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