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How One Song About a Desert Changed My Whole Life

Speak truth amidst the lies and truth will always prevail

How One Song About a Desert Changed My Whole Life
How One Song About a Desert Changed My Whole Life

How one song about a desert changed my whole life…

I’ve always considered myself an optimist. I see the best in people and in situations. I believe that “everything happens for a reason.” It takes a lot for something to get me down. But let’s be real, this is everyday life we are living in. Things get tough. Pain is real: physical, spiritual; mental.

The problem that happens with me is that I start to accept the negative I am experiencing as “part of God’s plan.” I fall into a ditch and before I know it, I’ve built a home inside of it. I cover up my pain with a fake smile and tell myself that I should “keep my head up” and “trust God.” All that is well and good, but God has given us an incredible tool of power over our situations, no matter how terrible they may seem at the time. That tool is praise.

Six years ago, my life changed after listening to “Desert Song” (link below) by Hillsong Worship. It’s not nearly their most popular song, but to me it is one of the most important records they have ever released. We go through many seasons in life. Sometimes we are in a desert. We have a serious need: it could be physical or spiritual. If you’ve ever visited a desert, you know that everything feels dry. You feel thirsty, empty, and like you are going to be stuck there forever. It’s easy to get desperate in a desert. Its easy to panic and try to take matters into your own hands.

But taking things into our own hands is so far from what God wants us to do.

This song became so vital to me because it is not just a song of worship, but it is also a declaration of who God is. Speaking these words out loud bring forth change. They bring forth power. They bring forth life.

Take a listen below and read the lyrics:

This song taught me how to declare the truth in the midst of the devil’s lies and attacks and that has been one of the most vital aspects of my Christian walk. When I feel like I am dying of thirst in the desert, strength is found in declaring that “my God is the God who provides!” When I am being tested in the trial, I am not crying out to God because the burns hurt, I am saying, “refine me Lord through the flame!” When I am fighting in a battle I know that victory is in Christ, but that victory seems so far away. My answer is not to give up; my answer is to declare what God has already said about me: “I am a conquerer and coheir with Christ!” The bridge of this song has become a motto to me: “All of my life, in every season, You are still God. I have a reason to sing. I have a reason to worship.” When earth seems to be falling apart, just remember that God is still on the throne! Your battle ends in victory. Your desert ends in harvest.

Speak truth amidst the lies and truth will always prevail. Declare the truth of God’s Word over your life and you will rise above any darkness.

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