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An Open Letter to Myself in Middle School: Save Me a Seat at the Unpopular Table

An Open Letter to Myself in Middle School: Save Me a Seat at the Unpopular Table
An Open Letter to Myself in Middle School: Save Me a Seat at the Unpopular Table

Save Me a Seat at the Unpopular Table

Do you remember being a kid at lunchtime where you always wanted to be the kid at the cool table?

It was this striving to be surrounded by the coolest kids. I feel like there was no greater goal to me in 8th grade than to gain my own seat at that popular table. And I would do whatever it took, whether it meant throwing someone’s Furby down the toilet (sorry, Chelsey), putting a half-eaten box of chocolates in a boys locker at school as a cruel joke (sorry, Nathan), or just being a bad friend because I thought that was the key to sitting next to those everyone thought were important.

And the amount of value I placed on the people at the popular table, was the amount of disvalue I placed on whoever didn’t have a place there.

Why would I be seen in friendship with them?

That would mean a seat at the weird table and that would taint my coolness and identity a bit.

Thankfully I am out of those 8th-grade years and have greater goals in life than being cool. However, the sad thing is this mentality has somehow crept back into many Christian lives.

We’ve created our own striving to put together a popular table of our lives. We think we’ve made it once we have the right friends and the right connections at our reserved tables. As if who we know would add any weight to our lives and identity. And so it once again becomes our purpose and our utmost importance.

But friends, this is my prayer and I believe it’s yours:

I want what is important to God to be important to me and what has no value to Him to be of no value to me.

How important was it  the truth is, Jesus took on Himself of no reputation.
Because He loved those lost hearts more than He loved His popular reputation.
Jesus wasn’t trying to get the cool kids at His table.
It was quite the opposite. It was the outcasts of society. It was the sick. The leper. The lame. The poor. The normal and unimpressive.

But I ask you to think a little differently.

I want to say this, most “Christian celebrities” actually are some of the most humble men and women on the planet.

  • Usually, others will put them on a pedestal.
  • Honor is one thing. Idolizing is another.

As the Church, let’s check our hearts.

If we treat someone well known with the greatest kindness and love, but then treat someone who could do nothing for us like they have no value, we have completely missed the heart of Jesus.
We have missed that which is important to Him.
This isn’t a post to bring condemnation, but to turn our eyes back on Jesus, back on what is weighty to Him.

What He considers beautiful life and ministry

Friend, at the end of the day I want my table to look messy. Where everyone is treated with love because they are important to God.

Does God put us in classes according to our social status like we do? Upper, middle, lower?

No. He’s looking with the greatest compassion at the heart.
At a true Kingdom table, there’s a seat for the needy; a seat for the hungry.
It’s the place where you’ll find the widow is sitting by the orphan.
The orphan is sitting by the king; the king is sitting by the beggar.
There’s even a seat for a Pharisee, but he misses his seat because he’s too busy still fighting for a place at the cool table.

Some may strive for flashy, to live a life and host a table impressive to man.
But what truly pleases the Father is pure and undefiled religion.
And you cannot have pure and undefiled religion without messy hands, in the dirt of relationship with people.
It’s a messy and risky business, this Kingdom life.

This is how Jesus loved, taking risks and putting His reputation aside because He loved the one more than His spot at the cool table.

But He’s the servant King and this is how He loves.

Can you pray this prayer together with me? I want to love people more like Jesus did.

Stir our hearts to love like you did and still do.
May our hearts be set on your kingdom. We want the fullness of your love. I ask that you show me what is important to you. I repent for making anything that has no value weighty in my life.
Bring people to my life that I can love well.
Because you first loved me.
Show me how to love like you do.
In the name of Jesus,

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