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Our Setbacks Are God’s Set-up For Success

Read These 4 Reasons Why God Allows Setbacks in Our Lives

Our Setbacks Are God’s Set-up For Success
Our Setbacks Are God’s Set-up For Success

We often feel victimized when bad things happen to us. We think that it’s not fair for us to be treated badly by others. We feel angry when we are wronged. We treat it as an injustice when someone blames us for something we are not accountable for.  Those feeling of unfairness makes us wonder why such things happen even to good people.

Life Struggles

When we lose our job, when the business fails, when our finances are drained, when our relationships aren’t working, when everything around us is a total mess… we conclude that God is not listening and is not doing anything for us because it seems that He is nowhere to be found or He’s totally silent. We determine that He is just passively watching us from above.

Satan and his allies think that they can pull us down with setbacks. They want to destroy you and derail your walk with God. They want to shake your faith and your confidence. But are wrong!

Unexpected incidents in our lives are actually allowed by God for a reason. It’s part of His divine plan for us to go through setbacks to redirect us to His ultimate plan for our life.  If our focus is on those events rather than the rationale behind them, we miss the point.

But why? Does God want us to suffer more? No. He wants us to trust Him. He wants us to rely on His character as the faithful God who will fulfill His promises during any setback.  They are merely His instruments to bring about the change He wants to see in us.

Setbacks are actually allowed by God to prepare us for something great.

God sets us up for the following reasons:

• So we can open new doors of opportunity;
• To bring new people into our lives who will partner with us in one way or another:
• To provide for us so that we can meet any given need;
• To facilitate a deepening in our relationship with Him and others.

God Is In Control

When we learn to accept that God is behind the scenes orchestrating everything for our good, no matter how people or the enemy tries to make it so bad for us, we can still have that peace that passes all understanding because we know that God is in control.  He knows what we can handle through Him.

It’s not an easy journey to go through, but we can endure the pain, the hardships, and the trials because we know that God has a bigger plan than just allowing us to go through ordeals.  In the end, we will become better people in the process and we will come out victorious every time.  He created us to succeed and to give glory to His name.

Psalm 120:1 says, “In my distress, I called to the Lord, and He answered me.” He will be with us no matter what. Take courage, if we endure we will reap the blessings of our obedience.

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