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How Can We Overcome Temptation And Avoid Sinning

Temptation is not sin.

How Can We Overcome Temptation And Avoid Sinning
How Can We Overcome Temptation And Avoid Sinning

Evangelist Nathan Morris shares three keys of how can we overcome temptation and avoid falling into sin.

Nathan Morris

Nathan started by emphasizing that temptation is not sinning. It is “only when we succumb to temptation do we fall into sin.” And because we are still in our flesh, it is normal for us to be tempted. The enemy will always find his chance to tempt us to bring us into defeat. However, through the Spirit of God in us, we can overcome any temptation.

So how can we overcome it? The first and most important thing to remember is to never allow our desires to take over our entire being.

“We must never allow our desires to become the forefront of our vision,” Nathan said. “We must bring into captivity every thought that stands against the Word of God, in this, we become overcomers.”


Overcome temptation

Nathan then shares three keys that we can use to overcome temptation. The first key is God’s Word.

“We overcome every temptation through the power of God’s Word in us. Never fight temptation with what you think, or your emotion, you will always be defeated,” he explained.

The second key is prayer. As Jesus Christ warned his disciples in the Garden of Gethsemane, we must watch and pray for us to not enter into temptation.

“When we become sleepy, when we become lukewarm, we are susceptible to temptation… When we pray, when we enter into God’s presence, we are strengthened with might in our inner man.”

The last key is repentance. If you have already fallen into sin, you can get back up again. The Lord is merciful and gracious to cleanse you of your unrighteousness if you just come into Him and repent of all your sins.

“Remember, learn to recognize temptation, overcome it through the power of God’s Word and the power of intimacy and prayer.”

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