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Overcome Struggles Through Jesus’ Blood

Jesus is the model for overcoming demonic infestation!

Overcome Struggles Through Jesus’ Blood
Overcome Struggles Through Jesus’ Blood

Many people struggle in their minds to overcome weaknesses and obsessions. These conflicts sometimes appear to be personal but they are really demonic infestations. Sexual lusts and attractions are a major area of conflict, especially for men. When these conflicts are personalized it becomes a struggle to change. This leads to internal conflicts and guilt and shame follow. And we become victims of our own conflicts.


Temptations are real but this is not sin. To sin is to give in to the temptation. The devil works through our mind to confuse us and to blame us for our unwanted desires. Once he has a foothold he sends his demons to occupy that place in our soul. This is a demonic infestation. No amount of counseling can get the demon out. It is only deliverance that can expel the demons out. Once the demon is expelled then it is easier to fight the temptation. The blood of Jesus is able to expel any demonic infestation. Apply His blood to the areas of your life that you struggle in.

Overcome With Jesus

Jesus overcame the devil with His word. He quoted the Word, as the Word has power from heaven. Heavenly power can expel and resist every word or thought sent against you. Demonic infestation is a major problem for many, especially Christians. This is the way the devil tears down a person and makes them a victim. But Jesus came to make us victors, not victims. His power is available to all who will call on His Name. They overcame him through the word of their testimony and the blood. What you confess will be a weapon that will destroy the works of the enemy. Claim the power of the wonder-working blood of Jesus. His living blood has the power to overcome every disease and attack like no other. Finally, be set free in Jesus’ Name.

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