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Overcoming Doubt During Uncertain Times

Understanding God When We Can’t Understand What He’s Doing

Overcoming Doubt During Uncertain Times
Overcoming Doubt During Uncertain Times

Know therefore that the LORD your God is God, the faithful God who keeps covenant and steadfast love with those who love him and keep his commandments, to a thousand generations” – Deuteronomy 7:9

Every person hopes and prays that life will just go on smoothly without any hassle. We struggle to understand God when we experience trials, difficulties or challenges because we don’t want any uncertainty in our life or be out of our comfort zone. Yet so many things around us that are beyond our control. No matter what we do, there will be daily challenges that we have to face.

So how do we make it through those challenging times?

1. Trust God even when we don’t understand what He is doing. God is sovereign and He controls every aspect of our being. It may be difficult to grasp His answer for our “whys” yet we can be certain that He lovingly orchestrate or permit things to happen to deepen our character and shape us to be the best version of ourselves.

2. Be still and let God be God. Sometimes we want the easy way out when beset with problems. We pray that God will boot us out of the difficulties we are going through because of the discomfort or pain we are experiencing. We’ll try all our best to resort to our own abilities or rely on others for help. We forgot that our all-knowing God already has the solution for our problems even before the trial started. He just wants us to trust Him and fully surrender to His will.

3. Continue to pray whilst waiting for His breakthrough. Waiting is the most difficult thing for us humans. We want to receive the answers to our prayers outright or receive the promises we clung onto immediately. What He wanted us to do is to pray unceasingly as we go through the process and trust His Word that in His perfect time everything will come to pass and everything will turn out for our good.

4. Reflect on His promises and etched in your heart. If we will recount the many times that God solved our problems, provided our needs, comforted us during our distress and answered our prayers in the most unexpected ways, we will be surprised. It’s easy for us to forget His faithfulness to us. We need to learn to be grateful because He is the God that always intend the best for us.

Let us not fall into the trap of fear and doubt. We are made conquerors to lead a victorious life. Press on and trust Him completely with our future.

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