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P.U.S.H. Through Even When It Does Not Make Sense 

Pray until something happens!

P.U.S.H. Through Even When It Does Not Make Sense 
P.U.S.H. Through Even When It Does Not Make Sense 

Worship evenings are some things I enjoy experiencing and one specific evening a thought came up about what does it mean to truly worship God and when do we worship Him? Do we choose days when we feel comfortable and energetic or is worship a part of our lifestyle as a Christian.

I am always blessed after worship and my heart refreshed and filled with hope again. P.U.S.H stands for…
P – ray
U – ntil
S – omething
H – appens
This is the type of attitude as a believer one should have. Never stop doing good, never settle in the gutter and fight to get up again, to walk again, to dance again, to sing again and to smile again. We will always face storms and great challenges in life that shakes us hard at times but we need to keep our focus on Christ, know where our help comes from and fight the right way until we see results.

Worship brings joy

We are not to be led by our emotions, we are to do what is right before the Lord. We need to worship God in and out and throughout all our different seasons. What I have learnt is that your worship reveals what’s in your heart. No one desires to be tested but we all know that we will be tested because we live in a flawed world. What’s important is to know where your source is and who your source is….drink from the right WELL that will help you to never thirst again and also help you to put out the fires that life throws at you and puts you through.

Your worship expression needs to touch all the areas in your life and worship is a great opportunity to lay down all your burdens before the Lord. It’s very easy to say that you will push through when you are not faced with a trial at that moment.

What does worship look like

What does your worship look like when you lose a loved one, when you fail, lose a business, get a divorce,  receive a bad doctor’s report ? Does it change your attitude towards God? Do you withdraw and become numb from life. Your worship to God will carry you through the fires and your worship will be tested by the enemy (read the book of Job and see) but do not give in because God has placed in you an overcomer spirit!

Lift your head Son and Daughter of the Most High. The Lord has heard your cry, He feels your pain and He hears your heartbeat. You do not need a beautiful voice to sing to the Lord or lift your hands the fancy way to reach out to God. Your worship which ever way is pleasing to the Father.

Be encouraged

Approach the Throne of Grace Boldly each day, remain in His Presence and let God read your heart when you do not have any words to say. Come as you are and allow Him to give you His peace and His understanding. God is for you. Remember that all things work together for good, for those who love the Lord and who are called according to His purpose.

I am reminded of a song the Desert Song by Hillsong United, please listen to it, you will be blessed.

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