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Pain Bows To The Name Of Jesus

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses - Acts 1:8

Pain Bows To The Name Of Jesus
Pain Bows To The Name Of Jesus

I’ll be honest, I’ve not always been the best at stepping out and praying for people on hard days.  I mean, sometime I have.  Other times, I’ve just kept my head down and gone about my business.    

Today was a hard day.  I was in Kroger waiting at the deli counter longer than usual.  I was looking at a freshly roasted organic chicken in the oven, but no one seemed to be available to help.  Other people were beginning to complain.  Finally, one lady emerged.  After helping one customer, she came over to me and apologized.

I felt compassion, and while her back was turned, I started asking the Lord for His heart for her.  I felt like He showed me that she has a hard life at home caring for her children, and even worked overtime to do so.  I also felt like despite my wait, she was actually a very diligent worker, even doing extra work that no one took notice of.  

When she handed me the chicken, I began asking her if these things were true.  I saw tears well up in her eyes, and she humbly said, “Yes, I do work extra hard.”  

Then, I asked if she had any pain in her body.  “Oh yes, I have pain everyday:  arthritis, spinal stenosis, and more,”  she replied.  

So I asked what level her pain was presently, and she answered, “It feels near a 10 now and all day, every day.” 

I gently asked for her hand then commanded any spirit of infirmity to leave and all pain to go in the name of Jesus.  I also asked the Holy Spirit to bring His fiery love and peace.  “Now, be as honest as you can,” I said.  “Look for the pain.”  

She moved around for a few moments before looking up at me with a wild-eyed stare.  

“I don’t have any…?”  

I replied, “Yet you did before the prayer?”  

“Oh yes,” she said.  

“Isn’t that kind of weird?”  

“Ya, I’m freaked out.”

I said, “That’s Jesus Christ.  He loves you and sees your hard work.  He healed you.  Do you know Him?”

“Oh yes,” she said.  Thank you, sir!”

Afterwards, I was able to encourage her further about God’s heart for her, as well as offer a connection point for further prayer if needed.

We have to keep looking beyond ourselves to love as Christ does.  The Lord is pleased when we do.  He’s looking for sons and daughters to be as He was while on the earth.  That’s why we’re still here, after all.  

Step out for love’s sake.  Ask people questions, pray with them if possible.  Do it all in the name of Jesus and His glorious gospel.  It’s worth serving Jesus, whether our days be good or bad!

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