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Pandemic Of Fear To Pandemic Of Faith

A Shift From Fear To Faith

Pandemic Of Fear To Pandemic Of Faith
Pandemic Of Fear To Pandemic Of Faith

Just as the pandemic of fear caused by a virus suddenly spread across the globe, so also will a pandemic of faith suddenly light up across the globe. Just as in the days of Noah, the world has regressed to a state of chaos and anarchy. No government is able to stem this tide of violence and destruction. The use of force only increases the rebellion. The rebellious spirit is the spirit of Satan.

Who can deliver us from such a state? Only a supernatural intervention can stop this downward path to annihilation. God moved on the earth in times of chaos and destruction. He heard the cries of His people and had mercy. So also now as Satan unleashes his weapons of destruction, God will move with His weapons of love and mercy.

Pandemic of Faith

God created this world and He ultimately will save His world. Satan has limited time but his ways only lead to destruction. When faith arouses the people to look up and not down, God comes to the rescue. We have become so inward-looking that all we can see is a limited view of the world. This view is limited to me, mine, and myself. Everything ends in self. When we realize our depraved state, then we will cry out to God and faith will be released to take us out of our selfish and depraved state.

God’s ways are beyond our small and self-centered ways. Satan thinks he has won but he is a loser. When we turn to God He responds and saves us. God has an abundance to share with us but we choose the little we have and hold on to it only to lose it. I proclaim a shift in our state of fear to that of faith. Look up and be saved.


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