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Raising Children In This Sexualized World

“Young children are being exposed to pornography."

Raising Children In This Sexualized World
Raising Children In This Sexualized World

As a parent, how can we raise our children as they are exposed to this sexualized world?

Sexualized World

In an episode of The Mum Show hosted by Marina Magdalena, child therapist Emma Browne and pastor Claire Hooper talk about parenting in this sexualized world. How can you properly and wisely deal with your children to protect them from sexual sins?

As pornography becomes more available to everyone nowadays, young children are more at risk to be exposed to it. According to the psychotherapist, Emma, pornography has a terrible effect on everyone, especially the young ones.

“Young children are being exposed to pornography,” Emma said. “It’s just a click of a button literally and it’s there for anybody who wanted to access it. What messages is that giving to our young men who are watching that?”

God’s design for sex

She also emphasizes that pornography tells the complete opposite of how God designed sex. The enemy uses porn to amplify lust and eradicate love.

“It’s about loving your body, loving your partner’s body. It’s an act of love; it’s an act of union; it’s an act of creation. It’s the complete opposite to the messages that pornography gives to our children,” she said.


The three moms then continued to share how a parent can raise their children to protect them from committing sexual sins. Always be there for your children and give them grace if they happen to make a mistake. Build a strong relationship with them.

At the end of their discussion, it all comes down to the redemption of the Cross. There’s always room for one person to come back whenever they make a wrong decision.

“Give your child permission that if they do make a bad choice, or if they do happen to click on that website or take it a bit too far, or whatever, that they can come back, there’s that space to come back.”

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