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Partnership With The Holy Spirit Is The Key To Victory

Partnering with the Holy Spirit

Partnership With The Holy Spirit Is The Key To Victory
Partnership With The Holy Spirit Is The Key To Victory


God is three persons in one; this is the Trinity. Many find this concept difficult to grasp. Just as water has 3 parts – ice, liquid, and steam – so also God is three parts but one. The Holy Spirit and Jesus were there from the beginning with the Father. They are one but separate persons. By faith, we accept this although we may not understand the concept fully. God will reveal this to you and the revelation will be transformational. Jesus the Son came to die for us so that we may be restored to our original status as sons of God. The Holy Spirit was sent to us after Jesus ascended to heaven to help us in our walk on earth.

Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God. This is the same Spirit of Christ that indwelt Him when He walked on earth. Now we too can be baptized in Him so that we may have the power to overcome sin and the devil. Without Him, it is impossible to walk in a life of victory. In ourselves we are weak but He is strong. This is why we need the Holy Spirit to lead us and guide us. There are many other spirits that will try and attract our attention. The Holy Spirit will help us to discern the difference and not be deceived. In this world, this is the battle we face daily, for the enemy of our soul will not rest till he defeats us. But we have the victory in Jesus who has set us free from sin and the devil.


The Holy Spirit desires to fill us to overflowing. He will lead us beside still waters. He is the Spirit of love, joy, and peace. When we are filled with Him then we know His love, joy, and peace. When our peace is disturbed then we know we are listening to another spirit. Therefore peace is a sign of whether we are walking in partnership with the Holy Spirit. His peace is not like what the world promises. His peace is a certainty and confidence that all is well. Jesus slept in the boat while the storm raged without. So also in this world, we will face storms but His peace will be sure in the midst of these storms. Let us partner with the Holy Spirit and be led by Him always.

John Mathai

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