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Pastor Criticizes Cancel Culture Saying ‘You Can Never Give Grace That You Haven’t Experienced’

“It is hard for you if you’ve never received a good gift to give a good gift."

Pastor Criticizes Cancel Culture Saying ‘You Can Never Give Grace That You Haven’t Experienced’
Pastor Criticizes Cancel Culture Saying ‘You Can Never Give Grace That You Haven’t Experienced’

An Oklahoma pastor condemns cancel culture saying “You can never give grace that you haven’t experienced.”

Cancel Culture

Cancel culture refers to the practice of withdrawing support for a business, public figure, or even just someone after they have said or done something objectionable or offensive. It is also referred to as “online shaming” as canceling is often done on social media.

It has become a popular phenomenon in today’s society. Cancel culture has served justice for some people as their voice can now be heard, however, it has caused more harm than good to many people. The practice has promoted judgment and condemnation towards others who don’t have the same opinion.

Cancel Culture

Pastor Michael Todd

Recently, a Tulsa-based pastor spoke against cancel culture emphasizing the grace of God. On “The Breakfast Club,” Pastor Michael Todd of Transformation Church shared his thoughts about the practice.

When host Lenard McKelvey asked Michael why it’s no longer socially acceptable for people to make mistakes, he spoke about grace.

“You can never give grace that you haven’t experienced,” the pastor said. “And that’s why I really go back to my faith. In this moment right here, it’s because I’ve experienced the grace of God over my life.”


The author of the new book “Relationship Goals” then shared why he can walk with forgiveness and love to people.

“I am broken, my thoughts are jacked up,” Michael continued. “My heart, if you get on the inside of that thing, has stuff in there that is not good. But through what I believe that Christ did for me, that whole thing is not my identity anymore. I can actually walk in forgiveness and love and all those things. And the only reason I can extend grace is because I’ve received grace.”

Pray for people

The father of three children then urged everyone to pray for people who make mistakes rather than “canceling” them.

“So many people have messed up and people cancel them,” he said. “So when somebody else messes up, they cancel them. It’s one of those things that’s like, this is not how we are supposed to live, this is not how it was intended. I need grace, so when I see people jacking up and messing up, I don’t talk about them; I pray for them.”

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Reference: Faithwire 

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