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Pastor Ramiro A. Peña Will Be Hosting GOD TV’s Newest Show

Tune in Fridays at 5PM beginning September 4th!

Pastor Ramiro A. Peña Will Be Hosting GOD TV’s Newest Show
Pastor Ramiro A. Peña Will Be Hosting GOD TV’s Newest Show

GOD TV exists to broadcast the Father’s heart to every nation, to reach the lost, and equip believers for the harvest. GOD TV has partnered with a variety of ministries around the world to spread the Gospel to all nations.  Most recently, GOD TV has partnered with Pastor Ramiro A. Peña from Christ the King Baptist Church in Waco, Texas.

Ramiro A. Peña

Ramiro A. PeñaPastor Ramiro A. Peña is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Christ the King Baptist Church of Waco. The church has a television ministry in both English and Spanish that reaches all 50 states and 249 countries. The Lord has used him to help plant 14 other churches in Texas, Mexico, Cuba and India since 1991.

He currently serves on the Faith Initiative for President Donald J. Trump and served on the National Hispanic Advisory Council to Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Pastor Ramiro Peña will sharing from his Sunday morning sermons at Christ the King Church in Waco, TX. The broadcast focuses on preaching the truth, power and grace of Jesus Christ that we find in the Scriptures each week.  Pastor Peña opens up the word of God and delivers a powerfully anointed sermon that will encourage and inspire you to walk and experience the power of God in your own life.

Pastor Peña also shares insights from his travels as he ministers throughout the world to leaders and influencers. See how the Gospel of Jesus Christ is alive and active no matter what sphere of influence you’re walking in.


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