Pastor Sam Collier Testifies Of God’s Redemption: “A Mess Into A Miracle” | God TV

Pastor Sam Collier Testifies Of God’s Redemption: “A Mess Into A Miracle”

Pastor Sam Collier Testifies Of God’s Redemption: “A Mess Into A Miracle”
Pastor Sam Collier Testifies Of God’s Redemption: “A Mess Into A Miracle”

Pastor Sam Collier shared his personal story of how God has redeemed him. He believes that amid the struggles, God is always at work. And He has a more beautiful story awaiting each of His children.

“God is still in the miracle business. He wants to give you peace, to give you joy, to bring restoration, to bring healing.” Collier said, “He wants to bring blessings into your life. He can take a mess and turn it into a miracle if you let Him.”

Pastor Sam Collier

In an interview with Christian Post, Pastor Collier talked about his new book, A Greater Story: My Rescue, Your Purpose, and Our Place in God’s Plan. He shared how he and his twin sister were born into extreme poverty. Their 21-year-old mother had to place them into adoption because of the difficulties she faced.

Eventually, a Christian couple took them into their family. Pastor Collier recalled that the adoption lady apparently discouraged their foster parents from taking them. “They’re probably not going to be much because of where they come from; crack, prostitution, and all types of things,” Collier said.

He continued, “My parents said, ‘No, we want these babies. My adoptive parents had formed a prayer closet. And while praying, God told them that we were their kids and that we would be OK. They decided to listen to the Lord’s voice, and they adopted us.”

And they had a wonderful childhood. But when Collier was 25 years old, his father convinced him to meet his biological mother. “He said, ‘You know what, you could grow up one day and marry your cousin, and you would never know it,’” Collier said in a jest.

Sam Collier and his twin sister reunited with their birth mother

So, they went to appear on The Steve Harvey Show when the production team offered their help in the reunion. “We reunited with our mother, Eleanor, on national TV,” Collier said. “It’s still an emotional moment for me to watch because in that moment, I didn’t know what to feel.”

God is always doing something bigger

But Collier believes that through all the struggles and challenges in life, “God was always doing something bigger and better than I could’ve imagined, even when I couldn’t see it.”

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“There will always be challenges,” Collier continued. “The question is, what are you looking at? We have to manage our challenges, but we also have to pursue the opportunities that are in front of us. We have to find God working in the story. It’s not about the cards you’ve been dealt. It’s about how you play.”

He concluded, “COVID-19 is happening, racial tension is at a high. But there’s a greater story available for all of us. No matter where you come from, or what your circumstances are, you don’t have to be a victim. Your choices every day will ultimately determine what you become, with the help of God. God can still do great work even in the midst of struggle.”

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