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Patience: Love And Contentment Above All Else

“Knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work, for you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.” James 1:3-4

Patience: Love And Contentment Above All Else
Patience: Love And Contentment Above All Else

Road Rage

“Get off the road! Learn to drive!” I yell from the driver seat of my beat up 1994 GMC Sierra Pick-Up Truck. My faith is being tested every second of every day. As you can see, one thing I’ve always struggled with is road rage and patience while driving. I am working on that, though. I need to realize something, yelling at Joanne in front of me, no matter what she’s done, is not going to make her not do what she has already done and it certainly is not going to make anything better. So, when my faith is being tested like that, guess what I do? Take a breath and sing one of my favorite songs, How Great Thou Art. It reminds me that no matter my situation, God is so much greater than what is happening.

Putting my faith in God gives me the knowledge that everything happens for a reason. Maybe there’s a reason why I’ve been blocked in, in the middle of 35 MPH traffic while the speed limit is actually 45. Everything happens for a reason. Being content with what’s happening is only half of it. You also have to put your faith in God and trust that He knows what is best for you. Be content because you can not change things. If you could change circumstances, you’d be God, and I hate to break it to you, but you’re not.


Having patience means being content. Accept the situation and move on with grace. Know that when you say something out of impatience, it will resonate and linger. That thing you said will be all you or another person will think about. It will cloud your mind as you feel guilty for what you said. It will also cloud the mind of the other person as they sit in wonder of what you actually meant. That’s not good. Eyes have then been taken off God and put on the situation. It can start fights or worsen fights and it can put a strain on relationships.

Allowing yourself to be impatient is a way of inviting temptation to the birthday party and if temptation gets invited she’ll bring her friend without telling you. That friend is the devil. He’ll come in and make himself at home, be rude to your guests and even steal the whole cake! If there is anything I have learned in my 20 something years it is to not trust anyone who steals cake! And while the devil is there, he is waiting, watching over your shoulder like a little helicopter devil, waiting for you to mess up. Once you mess up, he will be your little helicopter devil hype man. He’ll do anything to get you to mess up again!

Patience: Treat every situation with contentment

Do that and you will have the upper hand. Your self-control is not worth losing. That is the number one thing the devil wants to take from you. Your self-control is what keeps you from sinning. Once he gets that, well, that’s it.

As a single 20 something, you can bet my self-control is always taking a hit. It is the number one target of the devil every day. Eventually, I begin to doubt God. As a single gal, I’m living in the questions of “Why am I single? Am I not good enough? Why hasn’t God given me someone already?” I am left with a doubt in myself and a doubt in God.

David didn’t doubt God. He knew exactly what God wanted of him. I long to have that kind of hope in God. I also long to have the kind of faith that Daniel had. To walk into a lion’s den is pretty crazy, but to walk out, that’s insane. David walked into the den with all faith in God and came out unharmed. It’s miraculous! Our faith and trust in the Lord are what give us patience. Have faith and trust in Him.

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