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Peace Is Not The Absence Of Conflict

"My idea of peace was fragile; it was easily broken; it was not powerful.”

Peace Is Not The Absence Of Conflict
Peace Is Not The Absence Of Conflict

God’s peace is not the absence of conflict, it overcomes conflict.


Paul Martini contradicts the world’s definition of peace as the absence of conflict. Before explaining what peace really is, he first highlighted the importance of any situation we’ve been through. Even in the most difficult situation, we have been through, God is turning that into a message. He turns the mess into a message.

“The mess that God brought me through, He made into a message. It might not be something I had to share on stage one day but whatever God’s bringing you through, whatever mess He’s bringing you through, He’s going to make it into a message. And you’ll have authority to carry that message… So value the mess that God’s bringing you through,” Paul said.

Absence of conflict

Growing up in a home where peace was not felt, Paul wasn’t sure what peace really felt like. However, through the mess that he had been through, God brought a message out of it. Today, he is sharing with us the message about peace that God revealed to him.

“My understanding of peace was actually the world’s understanding of peace which is the absence of conflict… Even when I’m at peace, I’m still worried about when I’m going to lose my peace. I mean, my idea of peace was fragile, it was easily broken, it was not powerful.”

God’s Peace

Contrary to what the world’s definition of peace is, it is not the absence of conflict. The real peace that is found only in God is overcoming the conflict that is in front of us. God didn’t promise us a life without chaos and conflict, however, God promised us that we can overcome it all through His power.

“That’s not God’s peace. See, God’s peace is not the absence of conflict. God’s peace overcomes a conflict, overcomes the chaos, transcends it.”

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