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People Have Pledged Nearly $730 million to Rebuild Notre-Dame

Here are the people who've pledged so far...

People Have Pledged Nearly $730 million to Rebuild Notre-Dame
People Have Pledged Nearly $730 million to Rebuild Notre-Dame

In the wake of the devastating fire which ravaged Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris Monday evening, France’s super-rich have pledged millions to rebuild.

Notre Dame

The skyline of Paris is changed today, but the people of France have vowed it won’t remain so. When the news broke that Notre Dame was ablaze, the world watched as the cathedral’s silhouette, so epitomes with Paris, was mangled by flames and smoke.

notre dame

The 850 year-old gothic cathedral housed priceless works of art and artifacts dating back to the 1200’s and irreplaceable stained glass windows. Thankfully many were able to be saved, and most importantly, no lives were lost to the fire.

With a deep sense of reverence for the house of worship and a kinship with the national monument, French president Emmanuel Macron and affluent citizens of France are committed to rebuilding.

In just two days, $728 million has been pledged to help the rebuilding and revitalization.

France’s richest person Bernard Arnault, LVMH chairman and CEO, has pledged, along with Kering founder François-Henri Pinault (husband of actress Selma Hayek), and the Bettencourt Meyers family, owners of L’Oreal.

Here are those who’ve pledged donations so far:

Bernard Arnault, LVMH chairman and CEO: $226 million

Bettencourt Meyers family, owners of L’Oreal: $226 million

François Pinault, owner and founder of Kering luxury group: $113 million

Patrick Pouyanne, CEO of French energy company Total: $113 million

Marc Ladreit de Lacharriere, CEO of French investment group Fimalac: $11.3 million

Martin Bouygues, CEO of French telecom company Bouygues, and brother Olivier: $11.3 million

JCDecaux, French advertising group: $11.3 million

Societe Generale, French financial services company: $11.3 million

Crédit Agricole, French bank: $5.6 million

Tim Cook, Apple CEO: unknown amount

As the rebuilding of Notre Dame Cathedral commences, we pray for the Lord to be glorified in every stone placed. May it be dedicated once more as a place of prayer, communion, and adoration for the Lord Jesus.


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