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Perspective From Heaven: How God Views Us

God's Solution To Our Helpless State

Perspective From Heaven: How God Views Us
Perspective From Heaven: How God Views Us

What Is It Like In Heaven

I have not been to Heaven but know what Heaven looks like from the Scriptures. Imagine the garden of Eden. It was lush with many kinds of fruit trees and animals that all lived in harmony. There was no fear, and love and peace seemed to pervade the atmosphere. Adam and Eve were naked but not aware of their nakedness for there was no shame. There was freedom to explore and enjoy everything that God had created. No negativity and there was no striving for fame and power. All was peace and tranquility. Everything was provided for and there was perfect communion between the Creator and the created. No sin, disease, or disorder. Everything was perfect in every way. All they had to do was eat and enjoy and be at rest.

What Is It Like On Earth

Contrast that picture with what we face on Earth. Everything is turned inward. There is no peace and all are striving for more, with an endless desire that cannot be satiated. Sin, disease, and disorder are prevalent. There is no rest because battles of all kinds prevail. There are wars within and without. Greed is destroying the Earth. We see power struggles everywhere. Pain from birth to death. A complete reverse from what is in Heaven.

God’s Solution

God saw our helpless state and decided to do something about it. He sent His only begotten Son to die for our sins. He reversed the disorder and brought order. Now we can choose to live in the Heavenly atmosphere on Earth or continue to wallow in sin. There is no other way. There is only one way to Heaven and that is through Jesus Christ. Many choose to follow Him. Will you? Just ask Him to come into your life and rescue you from your helpless state and enjoy Heaven today.

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