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Petition To Shut Down Pornhub Surpasses 2 Million Signatures

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Petition To Shut Down Pornhub Surpasses 2 Million Signatures
Petition To Shut Down Pornhub Surpasses 2 Million Signatures

The petition to shut down the largest pornography hosting website, Pornhub, over sex trafficking and child abuse videos, has surpassed two million signatures.

Petition against Pornhub

In February, a petition against Pornhub was launched by Laila Mickelwait the Director of Abolition for the Sacramento-based nonprofit ExodusCry. Critics say that the largest pornography hosting website is profiting off of sex trafficking and child abuse.

The petition is backed with notable evidence that the site has been posting and monetizing crimes. In March, U.S. Senator Ben Sasse, R-Neb. took action to support the petition. He asked Attorney General Bill Barr to conduct a federal investigation into the site and its parent company, MindGeek.


Several lawmakers in Canada also asked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for a federal investigation. Laila also met with Washington D.C. lawmakers to present a case against the website that draws about 42 billion views per year.

“All it takes to upload content to PornHub is an email address — no government-issued ID is required. Pornhub doesn’t bother to reliably verify the age or the consent of the millions featured in the videos it hosts and profits from,” Mickelwait said in a statement this week.

“The site is set up for exploitation and is infested with videos of the real rape, trafficking, abuse, and exploitation of women and children. We have significant evidence and it is just the tip of the iceberg. Pornhub is arguably the largest public collection of sexual exploitation evidence in existence.”


Stories of the crimes posted on the website are coming out.  As of today, the petition has gathered 2,032,709 signatures from 192 countries across the world. Sign the petition to help eradicate such evil schemes.

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