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Pitcher For Chicago Cubs Gives His $9.75 Million Mansion to Camp Barnabas

Cole Hamels gives his $9.75 Million mansion and over 100 acres of land to a camp for kids with disabilities.

Chicago Cubs pitcher, Cole Hamels, and his wife, Heidi, are giving their $9.75 million Missouri mansion to Camp Barnabas, a Christian camp for kids with special needs and chronic illness.

The mansion is 32,000-square-foot on over 100 acres of land.

Camp Barnabas is not just a camp, but rather a disabilities ministry all-around. They have two locations in the Ozarks of Missouri, whose core values state that “Christ comes first always”.

The staffers and missionaries are there to “point people to Christ in everything we do.”

The organization not only supports each child with a disability, but it is also there to support their families. Siblings and parents are also incredibly blessed by this ministry.

Hamels, who was recently traded for the Chicago Cubs in July of 2018 from the Texas Rangers where he worked from the year 2015, said the work of Camp Barnabas “really pulled on our heartstrings”

Hamels stated,“Seeing the faces, hearing the laughter, reading the stories of the kids they serve — there is truly nothing like it … we felt called to help them in a big way.”

A big way, indeed!

The Hamels’ 32,000-square-foot mansion hails from Table Rock Lake in Branson,  sporting more than 100 acres of land, will allow the camp to “further our ministry and truly change thousands of lives for years to come,” – Krystal Simon, the camp’s chief development officer.

As found on the Hamels Foundation home page, Barnabas also offers Barnabas Prep, a “two-year faith-based collegiate program based in Branson, MO designed specifically to help students with special needs recognize their strengths and potential, while challenging them to grow into their best selves. It is important to recognize the power of education for every individual regardless of their circumstances.”

In case you didn’t catch that – a two year collegiate program for kids with special needs! I don’t know about you, but I believe that this is huge for the world of disabilities and Christ-centered education.

Jason Brawner, CEO of Camp Barnabas, added that the organization was “strategically looking for ways to expand our ministry outside of a summer camp. We have no doubt this gift will allow us to do just that.” No doubt, seeing as they will now have access to 32,000-square-foot mansion on over 100 acres of land to dream big.

Cole and Heidi Hamels stated that they believe Camp Barnabas is “changing the way the world sees disability ministry.”

For a couple who does not have disabled children themselves, it is extraordinary to have such a heart to give so lavishly to a charity that doesn’t relate to them, directly. It’s astonishing what the Lord can do with a heart yielded to love and generosity. I have no doubt that thousands upon thousands of lives will be changed because of it.

Image source: YouTube

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