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How We Can Plant Our Children In Church

"The church is a great place to be planted.”

How We Can Plant Our Children In Church
How We Can Plant Our Children In Church

How can we plant our children in church and turn it into a place they want to be in.

Children In Church

In an episode of The Mum Show, four Christian moms talked about having kids in church. Marina Magdalena, Clare Hooper, Emma Browne, and guest Vicky Cross of Hope Church discussed the ways they can turn their churches into a place where the kids can enjoy and grow.

They began by reminiscing their childhood experiences in their church. All of them learned a lot from their experience with their own church as a child. Some of them encountered some issues with their church but it molded them to become the mom and church leaders they are now.

“It was a learning curb as to how I parent and how I lead the church,” Vicky said. “I would say it was a great church but there was some stuff in it that was possibly damaging to me but from that, I’ve taken from that and it has been a learning curve. The church is a great place to be planted.”

Love And Care

For a church to be delightful for a child, it needs people who are walking in the love of the Lord. They don’t care about the grandeurs that a church can offer, they need the love and care people in that church can offer.

“God never created us to be alone, He created us to be with each other,” she added. “I think you got a church culture that is full of people who are relational. You know I always say nobody should ever go to the church and be lonely.”

Children need to be planted in a good church for them to be able to grow as Christian. It’s our relationship with the people that can help us grow in our walk in faith.

“Friendship with other believers is one of the ways that we find that build the relationship with God,” Clare said. “It’s when we bump with other believers. And there’s something in that corporate worship that when you come together, and it’s that gathering of believers because remember our kids are spirit beings as well.”

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