Police Officers Perform a Powerful ‘God’s Not Dead’ Lip Sync | God TV

Police Officers Perform a Powerful ‘God’s Not Dead’ Lip Sync


This powerful Lip Sync Challenge from the Crandall Police Department has had millions of views on social media.  It’s amazing that out of all the songs they could have chosen, these awesome police officers selected God’s Not Dead by the Newsboys, which is a call for revival.  People all over the world have been blessed by them.

It took so much courage and conviction to do this. What these police officers did was a bold step of faith. Their powerful proclamation of the love of God is such an inspiration  – especially to those who are afraid to share God’s Word publically.  They are telling the world that our God is alive and He lives inside of us.  A bold reminder of His existence and the need for revival.

These police officers not only bring honor to the name of God in public, but they allow God to reign in every area of our lives.  May it be in your work, business, or studies.  Glorify Him in everything that you do. Let’s boldly share the love of God with the world and let’s proclaim His name to the ends of the earth.

Credits: Crandall Police Department

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