Can porn affect sports performance? A US major league baseball team thinks so. | God TV

Can porn affect sports performance? A US major league baseball team thinks so.

Kansas City Royals, along with Fight the New Drug (FTND), target porn addiction

Can porn affect sports performance? A US major league baseball team thinks so.
Can porn affect sports performance? A US major league baseball team thinks so.

It’s a worrying trend that the consumption of porn is on the increase and has dramatically escalated with the use of the Internet. As a result, sexual exploitation, cases of child abuse and human trafficking have risen. Pornography is having repercussions on society like never before, causing an increase in the number of divorces, domestic violence and relationship break ups. It also seems to be  detrimental to sports, affecting a player’s ability to deliver the wins fans expect. Perhaps our sports heroes will be the ones who turn the situation around, with help from an initiative known as Fight the New Drug (FTND).

Porn is the new drug. It’s time to fight it

Fight the New Drug exists to help individuals make informed decisions regarding the use of porn, by raising awareness of its harmful effects using science, facts and people’s personal experiences. It is also passionate about “influencing an entire generation to rise up and fight the status quo, rejecting the idea that porn and sexual exploitation is healthy, normal or cool.”

In their latest campaign, FTND is reaching out to sports organisations asking them to make a stand, as professional sports players are particularly prone to picking up toxic habits, including porn. This is because they are in the public eye and live high-pressured lifestyles. FTND says the proven negative effects of porn and sexual exploitation can badly affect players and their team culture.

Professional athletes take a stand

Kansas City Royals (KCR) have become one of the first major league baseball teams to take a stand against porn after inviting FTND  to give a presentation at their spring training weekend.

Six months ago Dayton Moore, KCR’s General Manager made a comment on a social media video that went viral. He said: “We’ve done a lot of leadership stuff with our players. We’re very transparent about things that happen in our game, not only with drugs and alcohol. We talk about pornography, and the effects of what that does to the minds of players and the distractions, and how that leads to abuse…”

According to FTND, as individuals feed their habit for viewing more extreme and dangerous sexual acts, they gradually begin to feel that those behaviours are more common and acceptable than they really are. This view is supported by Ernie Allen of the Center for Missing and Exploited Children. He said “Child pornography has exploded with the advent of the Internet.” And according to the latest research at least 1% of the male population across the world are interested in pre-pubescent children.

The increase in pornography consumption is also due to the way it changes the brain. Dr Simone Kuhn of the Max Planck Institute for Human Development has studied the effects porn has on the brain. She noticed that the more people consume it, the greater their addiction, but the less enjoyable it became for them.

Porn affects everybody. It’s time to get help

Pornography is impacting all areas of society and is being consumed by both men and women. The FTND is dedicated to educating anyone who is willing to listen to the proven facts on the harm porn causes, so they can get help. It offers a course to help people turn their lives around, known as Fortify. This offers science-based support for lasting change.

Among those taking a stand against porn with FTND is Austin Womack, a strength and conditioning coach. On social media he admitted he became addicted to porn when he was 12 to 13 and it escalated for him throughout high school and college. At the time, he and his friends all watched porn and thought it was normal but it badly affected his relationships with girls as well as his sleep patterns.

“It’s a super tough addiction to beat, which confirms to me that this thing really is an addiction. The last few years I have been battling this addiction I would see victory for a month or two and then I would relapse back into it for a few weeks before getting clean again. It was a roller coaster. I knew I wanted to get clean, and I thought I knew how to, but I had yet to see sustained progress.” It was only after starting Fortify that he has had any real victory over porn and he feels that his life has improved.

In a post entitled  Pornography – It’s Not Only a Problem for Men, Women Struggle Too author Deborah Armin shares her struggle. “It took years to erase the images seared into my brain and reconfigure my true identity and it has taken a lot of prayer and willpower to not watch or respond to triggers that would draw me back into the cycle of addiction.”

Seeking help seems to be the best solution. say countless athletes battle with addictions. “However, many who overcame addiction went on to live prosperous, influential lives. Treatment has proven to be the key factor in their recovery.”

If you are addicted and want help, you don’t have to struggle alone. There are many organisations that offer support, including FTND or XXX Church, which has been featured on GOD TV.  You can watch Sex In The Digital Age online hosted by Craig Gross of XXX Church. GOD TV is also partnering with XXX Church to provide various courses to help individuals overcome pornography and masturbation and to help couples embrace a Godly sex life. Visit

This article was written by Sally Anderson-Wai, a British journalist who has won awards for her writing. Sally edited an international Christian magazine before launching her own PR agency, Write Wai. Sally is also a staff writer for


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