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Christian Says Pornography Is ‘Not A Sin’ Until He Had A Dream From God

It's so important to listen to God's guidance!

Christian Says Pornography Is ‘Not A Sin’ Until He Had A Dream From God
Christian Says Pornography Is ‘Not A Sin’ Until He Had A Dream From God

A man who was struggling with a pornography addiction testified how God saved him from that bondage and claimed that God sent him a revelation through a dream.

Many Christians today are struggling to get over porn addiction. Perhaps because most people are ashamed to bring it to light and are afraid that they will be judged. Or, they hesitate to seek help because most churches rarely address the issue since it’s hardly talked about. Aaron Kim had the same struggle as a Christian. So he decided to put up a video to help others overcome porn addiction through his testimony.

How The Freedom From Porn Addiction Happened

In Aaron’s YouTube video, he wrote, “My testimony of how God saved me from my addiction to pornography; 7 years of no struggle or desire for porn.”

Former Porn Star Left The Adult Film Industry To Follow God

He continued, “My goal is to enlighten fellow believers currently under the bondage of pornography of how damaging and harmful it is to us. And to encourage and guide others out of it through the Lord’s helping.”

Aaron said that he brought up the topic because he knows “a lot of us Christians are addicted to pornography.”

And he stressed, “It is so important that you need to get out of it in order for your walk with God to be unhindered. When you’re addicted to pornography, your walk with God is really stunted. It’s like a barrier between you and God.”

Pornography Is Hurting Your Relationships

The good husband knows very well because, in the past, porn was a huge part of his life even when he already had a relationship with God.

“It really hurts your relationship with God…It really hurts your relationship with those around you especially if you’re a married person. It’ll harm your relationship with your spouse and your children,” he said.

Apparently, Aaron started watching porn when he was in junior high school. Eventually, it became more prevalent in his life during high school and college. And he had a full-on addiction after he graduated.

At age 24, he found Christ and was saved. He stopped watching porn. But after about 8-months, it crept back into his life.

“I started to just do it again but this time as a born again Christian,” he said.

The addiction bothered Aaron to the core, however, he went as far as not labelling porn as a sin.

Every night he would look at it and get on his knees to ask for God’s forgiveness. It just became a ritual and he did it over and over again. The addiction continued its course in his life and carried on for about three years after being saved.

Until one night he had a dream from God that changed everything.

Listen to Aaron Kim’s powerful testimony in the video below!

Source: YouTube

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