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Position Yourself to Receive; You are Designed for Greatness!

Position Yourself to Receive; You are Designed for Greatness!
Position Yourself to Receive; You are Designed for Greatness!

“For I will pour water on him who is thirsty, And floods on the dry ground; I will pour My spirit on your descendants, And My blessing on your offspring.” (Isaiah 44:3)

Recently my wife Kathy and I stayed at a well known hotel chain. Kathy prepares raw food dishes when we travel. Hence, a kitchenette is a necessity for a raw vegan on the road. On this trip her need for a kitchenette would position us for a new life lesson from God.

To clarify, the kitchen sink in our room was a major source of frustration. The faucet poured water onto the counter instead of into the sink basin. The neck of the faucet wasn’t long enough to place the spout over the sink. Or the hole cut in the granite wasn’t deep enough to allow the water cascading from the faucet above to land in the basin. Regardless the sink was not operating effectively. Water poured directly out onto the counter top instead of into the sink.

But the sink design wasn’t faulty. The drain functioned properly. Any water that found the bottom of the sink was whisked efficiently down the drain. If the hole was cut larger it would accommodate the faucet in its current position. But the granite was cut to match the outline of the sink. Thus, any change to the hole size in the granite would also require a new larger sink.

The design of the faucet was also fine. It was a problem of position, not design. The designer would doubtless be frustrated to see his faucet rendered useless. By default, the sink was also unusable. The root of the problem was execution, not design.  

You Were Designed for a Purpose

Looking at the sink, I wondered how disappointed God must be when we ignore His plan for our lives? Many of us, like the faucet were designed with a purpose in mind but operate far below the plans our designer intended.¬†Personally, I’ve wasted years of my life on useless things that are of no value to my life purpose. Being out of position can be costly.

The great cellist Pablo Casals was a man that passionately pursued his purpose. At the young age of 11 he decided to dedicate himself to playing the cello and did so until his death at 97. As a young boy, he practiced Bach’s cello suites for 13 years before he would play them publicly. He reportedly practiced five and six hours per day up into his 90’s. When asked at 95 why he still practiced so many hours daily after being recognized as the greatest cellists of his time, he responded, “I feel that I am making daily progress.”

My prayer is that all of us would make daily progress in drawing closer to God and our Purpose! May we all approach the Living God with the same commitment and passion Pablo Casals did with his cello. You may never have asked Jesus to save you, or you may have fallen away. No matter how far you’re currently away from God, His grace is still available to you today! Call out to Him and ask for forgiveness to restore or establish your position in Him! If you do know Him then answer the call to run hard after Him daily. The Lord has promised to pour water on him who is thirsty! Stretch your neck out if you need to but make sure you are in position to receive!

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