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Students Fill Their Classroom With Praise And Worship To Start The Day

Teens who are learning to value the presence of God over anything else

Students Fill Their Classroom With Praise And Worship To Start The Day
Students Fill Their Classroom With Praise And Worship To Start The Day

These high school students fill their classroom with songs of praise and worship to start the day.

The students in the video below are from the Jesus Is Lord Colleges Foundation, Inc. commonly known as JILCF. JILCF is located in Bocaue, Bulacan, Philippines, founded in 1983 by the Bishop of the time, Bishop Eddie Villanueva.

The school was founded for the purpose of providing a Christian institution with the goal of creating proactive contributors to both God and their community.

Filling the room with the presence of God

The school started as a simple elementary school, but JILCF has grown exponentially and now offers programs from pre-school to the collegiate level.

It is evident that they are molding their students as God-centered individuals; and this shows in their daily morning routine. Every morning at the JILCF campus, every faculty, staff, and student from pre-school to college start their class with praise and worship.

This video went viral just over a year ago… it shows a classroom packed with praise and worship to the Lord. In the video, these high school students sing ‘What A Beautiful Name’ by Hillsong Worship.

Praise and Worship

Although this generation tends to have a poor reputation on social media, it is refreshing to see young people worshipping the Lord in this way! This generation and the future generation still belongs to God and nothing will ever change that. There is more to this upcoming generation than the world wants to give them credit for.

The culture of the JILCF of morning praise and worship still continues to this day. No matter how the world changes, one thing will remain for this school and that is the value of the presence of God.

As it is written on their Facebook page, “With the help of God, we will produce character-driven leaders.”

They are seeking the help of The Lord in cultivating an environment where they can become everything God designed them to be – and it’s working!

This article was written by: Rhoda Gayle

Reference: Edukasyon


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