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Pray for Cameroon. Intercede for an End to the Genocide


Pray for Cameroon. Intercede for an End to the Genocide
Pray for Cameroon. Intercede for an End to the Genocide

If you’ve seen any of the genocidal photographs coming out of Cameroon you’ll know they are so horrific that the mainstream news media cannot publish them, however that’s not the case on social media. It’s shocking to see so many pictures of corpses on one’s Twitter feed, with faces disfigured beyond belief. You can’t help but scroll away quickly. However as Christians we cannot just look in the other direction and pretend this is not happening. We must pray for an end to this barbaric bloodshed that is so under reported.

Despite demonstrations (as you can see in the photograph) against the atrocities that are being perpetrated in Cameroon,  the international media are largely silent on the ongoing crisis. Social media however is full of horrendous photographs of people who are being killed or maimed and some giving graphic details. Many are an urgent cry for help:

Pray for Cameroon

Rev Fonki Forba – Moderator of Presbyterian Church of Cameroon shares several ways to Pray for Cameroon as the crisis in the country rages on. He requests prayer for the nation and people of Cameroon, that believers pray against the sins of the nation; pray for the Government and both the civilian and military population. Here are two of the prayers he has provided.

 Let us Pray for the Affected Cameroonians

Our God and our King, with Your own eyes You have seen the inhumanity and atrocities committed on your children, both young and old. Many have been killed, some found and buried and others wasting in bushes. Many have been wounded; some mortally and others maimed for life. Many have seen their homes and property burnt down, money seized, women raped; many have been tortured and robbed in mud and in unhygienic waters. Many have been hospitalized with no money for medical care. Many have been imprisoned under very inhuman and torturous and starving conditions. Many have lost their dear ones; both the military and the civilian populations.

The atrocities are more than we can bring before You, but You know everything because You are omniscient! Crying, mourning, weeping, wailing and sorrows have filled the eyes and minds of the communities of these affected people; especially the Anglophones. Lord, You are the only One who has the power to put an end to the sufferings and pains your children are passing through. We pray to You Lord; Lord hear us! Amen.

Let us Pray Against Spiritual Manipulation

Our Victorious Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Your children of the nation of Cameroon are not only in physical bondage, but are under wicked spiritual forces, rulers, authorities and cosmic powers of this Dark Age that are manipulating them.  We are not looking for carnal weapons to fight against them, but the kind of authority You gave to Your servant, the prophet Jeremiah over nations and kingdoms to uproot and pull down, to destroy and overthrow and to build and plant your divine power and presence among Your people. Let every demonic stronghold; let every false spiritual argument against Your Word; let every proud obstacle against Your Will; and let every thought be held captive to the obedience of Your only Son Jesus Christ in the nation of Cameroon. We pray in the Mighty and victorious name of Jesus Christ. Amen

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