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Pray For America – Be A Part Of The National Day Of Prayer On Thursday, May 2

Let's unite in prayer for the USA #Love1Another

Pray For America – Be A Part Of The  National Day Of Prayer On Thursday, May 2
Pray For America – Be A Part Of The  National Day Of Prayer On Thursday, May 2

GOD TV will once again broadcast the national observance of the US National Day of Prayer (NDP) LIVE from Washington, DC on Thursday, May 2, 2019, at 8.30 pm (EST).  This special broadcast will be replayed worldwide on Saturday, May 4th at 10 am; USA (EST); UK, (BST); Asia (IT); Africa (SAT); and Australasia (ST).

The National Day of Prayer mobilizes unified public prayer for America. Let’s keep our eyes on this missional vision and find ways to create venues, gatherings, and observances involving as many people as possible praying on Thursday, May 2. Thousands upon thousands of gatherings, in all kinds of settings mobilizing millions. For more explanation about our NDP missional vision, click here.

NDP Observances Can Happen Anywhere

These observances, if approved by the authorities over these areas, can occur anywhere at any time on the National Day of Prayer. Places like:

  • The steps of governmental buildings at city halls, court houses, state capitals and others
  • Hotels and other public businesses
  • Churches
  • Workplaces of all kinds
  • Schools and universities
  • Parks
  • Arenas and convention centers
  • Other kinds of places

Just be sure you work with those who are the authorities over these places. Most are very open to working with NDP volunteers with the understanding the National Day of Prayer is a real law, an annual observance designated by the United States Congress, and encouraged to take place everywhere on this first Thursday of May annually.

Multi-Vision Movement of the National Day of Prayer

In addition, let’s remember the National Day of Prayer is a multi-generational, multi-ethnic, multi-church, multi-denomination and multi-lingual movement of prayer. Those of you who lead an observance, let’s work to find ways to involve generations, ethnicities, and churches. Each gathering will be different, but each gathering can involve people from all generations and ethnicities. If you want to learn more about this multi-vision, you can view this short video here.

Every Town, Every City, & Every County Across America

This is a tangible and real goal. It can be done and should be done. While many observances will occur across some towns and most cities, we must be sure we cover the regions of the country that may not be as dominate with a larger population. The people in these areas will become highly receptive to this gathering and in reality, can have the greatest influence due to their location.

In cities, create multiple observances. How can you have too many observances in major cities across the United States? Too many is not even possible! Watch this short video to see how you can help us reach every town, city and county across America.

Pastor and Churches Lead the Way on May 2

Pastors and churches, lead the way on the National Day of Prayer in your towns, cities, and counties! This is a fantastic way to give a positive witness about the gospel as well as recognize the Kingdom of God is much greater than your own church or denomination. We need pastors and churches leading the way. The churches are the footprint of God all across this nation, plus what God has created, He wants to use for His glory. Therefore, pastors and churches, lead the way.

An observance on the National Day of Prayer is not a political gathering nor does it have any political goals. It is also not about a party or platform, but its sole intention is not just calling our nation to prayer, but actually praying in the observance we create or attend.

Denominations, Conventions, and Networks Encourage the Churches

Denominations, conventions, and networks can encourage the churches and even help equip the churches to participate and even lead on May 2 in their communities. Surely, this is a day, that each of us can get beyond ourselves. We can find a way to work together with others who believe the Bible and also believe that Christ is the ultimate answer for our nation today. Through prayer, churches can come together to pray for our nation.

Also, use your influence through periodicals, articles, news briefs, and through your own venues to help get the word out about the National Day of Prayer.

Use Social Media Platforms

Use your social media platforms not only on the actual day of the National Day of Prayer, but also in days leading up to the National Day of Prayer. These platforms can be powerful and influential ways to speak to all kinds of people and share the power of our theme for 2019: Love One Another. Also, remember to add the hashtag on each post, tweet, or picture: #Love1Another You can also post a link, article, picture, or the actual NDP graphic for this year with our theme Love One Another.


  • Unified
  • Public
  • Prayer
  • For America

Now is the time to lead!

Ronnie Floyd is the Senior Pastor, Cross Church and President of the National Day of Prayer

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