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How Can We Pray For India Right Now?

"God, show Yourself to the people who are crying out to You at this very moment."

How Can We Pray For India Right Now?
How Can We Pray For India Right Now?

How can we pray for India right now as they face an overwhelming dark times during the second wave of coronavirus outbreak in the nation?


In April, India has experienced the second wave of the coronavirus. It has been over a year since the first case of coronavirus was reported in the nation. Just when they were slowly able to contain the virus, a new strain of the virus struck India again. This time, India has been overwhelmed by the more contagious and more deadly strain of coronavirus.

In a recent episode of Standing Together, Christidella Jennifer, the Asia Regional Coordinator for GOD TV India, shares about their current situation with hosts Fergus Scarfe and Emma Abbott. Christidella shared how people in India are suffering right now.

“It’s a time of a very overwhelming time for India, it’s heartbreaking and there’s a sense of hopelessness, fear, and despair in the air whoever you talk to. It’s almost like a scene from apocalypse.”


GOD TV India has been praying and supporting people in the nation right now. Their call centers are open 24/7 for people to ask for prayers and encouragement. Despite the overwhelming situation in the country, Christidella and her team are hoping for a powerful movement of God over India.

“We cry out to God saying, ‘God, show Yourself to the people who are crying out to You at this very moment.’ That is what we are believing for, a supernatural move of God in this nation at this time.”

Christidella then asked for prayers from Christians all over the world. They are asking for prayers for their teammates who have also been overwhelmed with the call from distressed people. Pray for their strength and the Lord’s guidance as they make themselves available for the people.

And pray for the entirety of India. Pray for healing over the people who are sick, and a supernatural movement from the Lord over the nation.

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