Prayers Are Flooding In For Israel From Our GOD TV Family | God TV

Prayers Are Flooding In For Israel From Our GOD TV Family

Join us in standing with Israel!

Prayers Are Flooding In For Israel From Our GOD TV Family
Prayers Are Flooding In For Israel From Our GOD TV Family

Israel has almost been under attack for a full week; one week too long.  We are thankful for Ron Cantor, our GOD TV Regional Director, who is on the ground in Israel and has been providing daily FB Live updates on our GOD TV Facebook page at 12pm EST.

We are also thankful for our GOD TV Family, more specifically those of you receive the GOD TV Daily email, who have been flooding our inbox with prayers for Israel.  Will you join us in praying for the peace of Jerusalem?  Submit your prayer for Israel here.

Prayers from our GOD TV Family

“May the mountains surrounding the Great Nation, Israel stand as a witness of the past. The Holy One of Israel will protect the chosen people from all harm.  Enemy will  face defeat.  Victory is for Israel. Hallelujah ! LORD JESUS bless and protect.  Amen!” – Thomas

“Prayers are with you from the Fiji 🇫🇯 Islands, every 12 o’clock mid day the whole of Fiji is praying for Israel and Jerusalem and also the lockdown that is happening here in Fiji due to the pandemic. Fiji is with you – Psalms 122-6 we pray for the peace of Jerusalem, May those who love you Prosper. God Bless” – Talisa

“Ron (GOD TV Regional Director in Israel), I lift you up to Yeshua in prayer,  you and all your loved ones. And I  lift up in prayer, all who don’t yet know Yeshua as their Lord and Saviour. God do a mighty work in this place, even in the midst of troubles.  May the works of the enemy be brought to nought, and his deceptions be shown up for what they are. And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.’ – Romans 8:28 NKJV” – Peter

“Yes Ron we are in much intercession here for all the Body of Christ in Israel  and praying and declaring many promises of God over Israel.  Thanking Him for His promises His mercy over all involved . His peace to rule over everything. Two days ago as I was interceding the Lord reminded me that He is a Warrior. (Exodus 15:3). I was talking to my sister who intercedes for Israel. And she told me the Lord spoke the same thing to her.  This am as I was interceding again for you all and His covenant land. The Lord reminded me from His Word that He is our perfect High Priest and Intercessor. Hebrews 1 verse 3 says (He is the radiance and representation of His nature re. The Father and carries everything by the power in His Word.( ONM. Bible). Psalm 75verse 10 God says”I will cut off the strength of the wicked bit I will increase the power of the Godly.”  Please be encouraged the Body of Believers in Israel  have many interceding for you all . Especially right now. We are standing with you. With love in His service.” –  Pauline

“🙏 Peace in the middle of the Storm.  Lord touch the heart of your people,heal the hate within them,and praying for salvation to all the 🌎 protect all from evil in Jesus name Amen.” – Myrna

Praying for peace in Israel! May God protect the IDF and all the citizens in Israel!” – Mitch

“God of Mercy , please intervene in the situation stop this Fight in the blood of Jesus. Amen.” – Mevis

“Prayers are going up to heaven for Israel, Arabs and Palestinians.  The power of Pentecost season is near, we are hopeful.” – Martha

“I’m praying hard and continuously for God’s land to become peaceful. We need prayers and peaceful resolution to the world’s problems.i will continue to pray. God be with you” – Linda

Two Ways You Can Help

Pray for Israel
Submit your prayer requests here.
Help share the Gospel in Israel
Shelanu TV provides the Gospel, in Hebrew, anytime. The nation of Israel needs the Gospel now more than ever. Help support Shelanu TV here.


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