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How To Pray For Victory In Front Of Giants

"He has broken out right through with the cross.”

How To Pray For Victory In Front Of Giants
How To Pray For Victory In Front Of Giants

How can we pray for the Lord’s victory in front of the giants and mountains?

Pray for victory

Isi de Gersigny, songwriter and pastor at Jubilee Church in Sydney, Australia, shares how can we pray for the mountains in front of us. She referenced the story of David in 2 Samuel to explain that God always wins the victory for us even though the enemy is bigger than us.

The first step in praying for victory is knowing God’s heart and who He is as a Father to us.

“When you pray, know that He hears you firstly. He always hears you, the Bible says,” Isi said.

Pray for victory


Then, expect that the Lord will speak to you. He will tell you what you need to do during this battle. If you obey what God has instructed you, then surely He will move the mountains for you.

“Thirdly, when He does speaks to you and He shows you a Scripture and He gives you a strategy through your friends, through whatever it is, through your pastor, listen to that and obey. Because when you obey, God will always bless you,” she explained.

Through the cross, God has won the victory for our every battle. He is always bigger and more powerful than all our enemies. Just trust in God and watch as He moves the biggest mountain you are facing right now.

“Lastly, when you have obeyed Him, God will always frame that part of your life, that mountain that you have faced with an aspect of His personality of His power, of His glory, of His beauty. Because God is ultimately the Lord who has broken out in front of all out enemies. He has broken out right through with the cross.”

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