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Pray TV Will Usher in a Fresh Breath of Spreading the Gospel

God is using new forms of technology to advance His Kingdom.

Pray TV Will Usher in a Fresh Breath of Spreading the Gospel
Pray TV Will Usher in a Fresh Breath of Spreading the Gospel

There are more people getting information from online sources than any other source. News, television programming, movies, and music are being streamed across the world. The on-demand lifestyle is in full effect. People do not have to wait for a certain news hour to receive updates like they used to. Now, information can be disseminated with just the click of a mouse or stylus. GOD TV has followed suit. They are giving the new generation of believers means of accessing godly information. Let us pray TV will be used to further advance God’s Kingdom.

Spread the Gospel

Since the invention of the television, many programs have aired that exposed the determination of spreading the Gospel. From the 4 A.M. broadcasts to dedicated stations like the Trinity Broadcasting Network, the Word of God has been shared with eager viewers. Ministers like Billy Graham and Joel Osteen have been integral in reaching millions through television evangelism. Today people continue to pray TV will play an important part in sharing the Good News with the unsaved across the world.

With the Internet and Social Media expanding, miniseries like GOD TV are ramping up their efforts to allow everyone an opportunity to hear the message of Christ. The Great Commission lays out the Christian agenda, but as time moves on and technology advances, the battle plan adjusts. Access to the Word of God has never been easier. With a click of the mouse, we can read the Bible in any language, follow various devotional material written, and have contact with fellow believers. God is working in amazing ways through every means possible.

Make a Difference

Gone are the days of having to wait until you got home to connect to the world wide web. Today we have smart devices, tablets, and laptops. We are in constant connection with all sources of information. Our Bibles are in our pocket, ministry materials are accessible through mobile apps, and now streaming is at our fingertips from anywhere we have a Wi-Fi signal. Christian minsitry groups across the world pray TV will be the next wave of technology that will bear witness to a new generation.

Having direct access to Christ-centered material can make a difference in our daily lives. Not only can we receive personal support through blogs, Vlogs, and streaming, we have the tools necessary to be a more effective witness for the Lord. It has gone from, “Let me send you something,” to “Let me show you something.” Life revolves around this moment — an on-demand society needing information at the ready. Technology has given us the means to make the most of every moment and we contiune to pray TV is next on the list.

Support the Cause

We can also support the cause of Christ through other means. While we may pray TV is successful, there needs to be additional means taken. Prayer opens the door; there must be an action and a means in response to answered prayer.

    • Actions – Prayer is one action we all can take. It doesn’t cost any money, and we all are indwelled with the Spirit, so we have the ability. We continue to pray TV will be a new expansion of spreadin Good News. Contributing is another way we can support the spread of the Gospel. We all have gifts: serving, singing, and writing are all methods of sharing the Good News. Find your God-given gift and use it for His Glory.
    • Means – While some are blessed with gifts of service, others are blessed with providing the financial resources that are needed. Ministries cannot exist without funding. If you have been blessed financially and feel called to serve, then your wallet can help open the doors to opportunities that never could have happened otherwise.

The Bible teaches us that we are all unique in the Body of Christ. Paul reminds the Corinthian church that not every member is the same. Yet they all work together for the common good. Everyone is needed, and no one is left out; we cannot function without each other. And in Christ we are one and all can work for the common goal of reaching the world around us.

Pray TV

Prayer is the starting point. Prayer gives direction and lets us know how we are to respond to His calling. Pray TV will continue to reach the masses. Pray His Message reaches to the ends of the Earth and ask God how He would have you take part in spreading the Gospel. You have a calling, and only you can fulfill that calling because God made you special – unique in every way.

“But be doers of the word, and not hearers only,” (James 1:22a)

While Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever, times change. And while the message itself never changes, the means at which it is delivered is ever changing. And we pray TV is next. As Christians, we need to take what we know and share it with all who will hear. If is through standing on a corner handing out tracts, speaking to a room full of unbelievers, writing a spirit-filled blog post, as we pray TV will spread the Word, or promoting the mission through social media, answer the calling God has on your life and make a difference to a lost and dying world.


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