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Prayer Leaders Backing Awakening Prayer Movement

Prayer Leaders Backing Awakening Prayer Movement
Prayer Leaders Backing Awakening Prayer Movement

With the world’s spiritual crisis worsening, Awakening Prayer Hubs, a prayer movement contending for awakening and transforming revival in the nations, is transforming prayer warriors into prayer heroes in their cities. And intercessory prayer generals are supporting the efforts. 
Mike Bickle, director of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City says: “Awakening Prayer Hubs is a strong expression of bringing prayer to the local level so that intercessors can contend for revival in their city. Being a person of prayer is one of the most portent callings in one’s life. Jennifer LeClaire is a person of prayer. She is the real deal; a true gift to the body of Christ.” 

Awakening Prayer Hubs

Awakening Prayer Hubs already has hundreds of prayer hubs in dozens of nations, with new leaders joining every day. Jennifer LeClaire, founder of the Awakening House of Prayer Global Movement, which includes Awakening Prayer Hubs, believes we are going to see the greatest Great Awakening in the history of the world, and it will spill over into the nations of the earth for the glory of God. She believes we’ll see a movement greater than all previous moves of God put together.  
“God gave me a prophetic word about a Great Awakening in 2007 and we’ve been waging war with this prophecy for 14 years,” says LeClaire. “Our mission is to bring together a diverse group of intercessors in cities around the world for one vision: spiritual awakening in the nations.” 

Jennifer LeClaire

Charisma magazine, is an internationally recognized author, prophetic voice to her generation, and conference speaker. She carries a reforming voice that inspires and challenges believers to pursue intimacy with God, cultivate their spiritual gifts and walk in the fullness of what God has called them to do. She is hands on with Awakening Prayer Hubs through daily interaction on digital platforms, including the mobile app, and Zoom broadcasts.  
“Jennifer LeClaire is one of the bright and shining lamps of this present-day prayer inflammation in the earth,” says Lou Engle, founder of TheCall and TheSend. “Not only fanning the flame of the many prayer movements through her writing, she is now igniting a prayer moment that is being multiplied across the nations.” 

Gaining Support

James Goll, Cindy Jacobs, Patricia King, Barbara Yoder, Dick Eastman, Dr. Michael Brown, Becca Greenwood, Bishop Bill Hamon, Che Ahn, Larry Sparks and Alveda King, the niece of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and others are also standing in support of Awakening Prayer Hubs. 
“God raises a standard of prayer in every generation,” says King, who serves as the Social Justice Advisor for the Awakening House of Prayer Global Movement. “The prophetic prayer mission and ministry of Jennifer is now a movement.”

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