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Prayer & Violence at Joseph’s Tomb

Prayer & Violence at Joseph’s Tomb
Prayer & Violence at Joseph’s Tomb

Joseph’s Tomb is located in the heart of Nablus, in the Palestinian Authority-controlled West Bank. Conflicting views exist as to whether or not the patriarch Joseph was buried there; nevertheless, the tomb is recognized as a Jewish shrine.” (

TPS reports:

“Hundreds of Israeli prayer goers were allowed entrance to Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus on Tuesday night, guarded heavily by the IDF. According to the IDF spokesperson, clashes broke out between security forces and local Palestinians, which included the throwing of stones and a molotov cocktail. Security forces responded with crowd control measures and were able to protect the worshippers.”

According to JTA (Jewish Telegraphic Agency): 

“Palestinians in the West Bank city of Nablus threw firebombs and fired guns at Israeli soldiers escorting Jewish pilgrims to visit Joseph’s Tomb.

The Israeli security forces also found two explosive devices in the tomb, which were defused by sappers.

The troops responded to the attacks with tear gas and live fire. The Palestinian WAFA news agency said that 20 Palestinian rioters were injured in the clashes.

About 1,000 Jewish pilgrims prayed at the tomb during the overnight Wednesday visit.

Joseph’s Tomb is holy to Jews, Muslims and Christians. Israeli Jews must receive permission to visit the purported burial place of the Jewish patriarch; the visits are coordinated with the Israeli army.

Under the 1993 Oslo Accords, the site was to remain under Israeli control, but the Israeli army evacuated the premises in October 2000 during the second intifada and the tomb was burnt down by Palestinians. It was renovated and restored, but then torched and vandalized again in October 2015.

Jewish worshippers, in coordination with the military, make monthly nocturnal pilgrimages to the refurbished site.”


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