Find your Prayer Voice with GOD TV Every Tuesday in June | GOD TV

Find your Prayer Voice with GOD TV Every Tuesday in June

We're expecting huge breakthrough in your prayer life...

Find your Prayer Voice with GOD TV Every Tuesday in June
Find your Prayer Voice with GOD TV Every Tuesday in June

Find your Prayer Voice Every Tuesday in June

GOD TV looks at the importance of prayer each Tuesday evening this month with exceptional teaching that will help viewers connect with God more deeply to see more and more breakthrough in your prayer life.

Speakers include Banning Liebscher; Lou Engle; Jentezen Franklin; Joseph Garlington; Randy Clark; Mike Bickle; Stacey Campbell and Leanne Matthesius who each address a key aspect of developing a more effective prayer life.

In a session at the Arise Passionate Woman Conference, Leanne Matthesius of C3 Church explains what happens when believers truly embrace the power of prayer. Her talk is cleverly entitled What if? Tales of a Desperate Housewife and looks at the story of Hannah in the Bible who was desperate for God to intervene in her hopeless situation.

What if we believed God hears us when we pray?

This is the primary question Leanne asks, concluding that we would certainly pray with more fervency, and – as we find our prayer voice within – we will refuse to accept the unacceptable!

Are you facing something that is seemingly impossible? Is your diagnosis beyond hopeless? Do you feel overwhelmed and ready to give up?

“Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28)

This is the promise of Jesus to you! Leanne shares how this powerful scripture has impacted her life as she has pressed into God to turn around a hopeless situation in her family. She talks candidly about the devastation of her son’s drug addiction and her refusal to give up on him.

“You don’t know what prayer is until it’s all you’ve got,” Leanne observes, affirming that prayer is the solution to every problem. “It’s not our silence that moves the mountain it’s our faith-filled prayers!” she says.

Leanne believes that the Father longs to answer the prayers of His people by stretching out His hand of deliverance, but we first have to pray in faith. That, instead of accepting things as they are or believing they will never change, we need to trust Him.

This much-watch talk also illustrates the powerful process of receiving a miracle from God, as Leanne draws parallels from Hannah’s barrenness, her heartfelt cries to God and the birth of Samuel.

“God wants to put faith on the inside of you so that when you walk through any adverse situation or battle you will come through on the other side strong and secure,” Leanne says.

Recycle your worries in prayer

Often as believers, we ask others to pray for us, and there’s nothing wrong with that, God wants His people to share each other’s burdens, but Leanne stresses the need to find one’s own prayer voice.

“We need to learn to pray our own prayers,” she says, “Our prayers are so powerful because nobody wants a breakthrough more than we do!”

Leanne also talks about the danger of putting a strain on our relationships because we burden others with problems they aren’t equipped to deal with. However, she stresses we can never overwhelm God in our neediness. She also describes God as the greatest recycler.

“When we recycle our worries in prayer – peace and strategy come,” she says.

What an encouragement, we don’t have to accept the mountain in front of us, nor do we have to spend our days filled in fear and anxiety. As we learn to be more effective prayer warriors, we can turn hopeless situations around.

The full list of Focus: Prayer Messages coming up in June is as follows:

Focus: Prayer – 1 (6 June, 21:35)
Banning Liebscher of Jesus Culture speaks on the Inner Room of Prayer at the 2014 Desperation Conference.

Focus: Prayer – 2 (6 June, 23:10)
Lou Engle of The Call explains the importance of Offensive Prayers at the 2013 Missions Possible Conference.

Focus: Prayer – 3 (13 June, 21:05)
Jentezen Franklin of Free Chapel talks about A Powerful Prayer at the Jesus Culture LA Conference.

Focus: Prayer – 4 (14 June, 00:30)
Bishop Joseph Garlington of the Covenant Church of Pittsburgh talks on Using Your Prayer Language at the Voice of the Apostles 2013 Conference.

Focus: Prayer – 5 (20 June, 21:05)
Randy Clark of Global Awakening outlines a Five Step Prayer Model at the 2013 Voice of the Apostles Conference.

Focus: Prayer – 6 (20 June, 22:15)
Mike Bickle of IHOP-KC speaks on Grace to Build the House of Prayer at the Zechariah Seminar in Kansas City.

Focus: Prayer – 7 (20 June, 23:30)
Stacey Campbell of RevivalNOW! talks about Becoming One at the HRock LeaderShift 2013 Conference.

Focus: Prayer – 8 (27 June, 23:40)
Banning Liebscher of Jesus Culture speaks on Faithful Prayer and Lou Engle of TheCall on Intercession for Revival.

Focus: Prayer – 9 (27 June, 21:05)
Leanne Matthesius of C3 Church speaks on What if? Tales of a Desperate Housewife at the Arise Passionate Woman Conference.

If you would like somebody to pray for you, please email us at [email protected] or fill in our Online prayer request.

Other prayer-related programming on GOD TV includes our daily devotional, Prayer Time and the weekly series for intercessors, Throne Room Prayer.

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