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Prayer Warriors Show Up For Priscilla Shirer’s Mother

Pray without ceasing - 1 Thessalonians 5:17

Prayer Warriors Show Up For Priscilla Shirer’s Mother
Prayer Warriors Show Up For Priscilla Shirer’s Mother

Priscilla Shirer, an American author, motivational speaker, actress, Christian evangelist, shared an emotional video on her Instagram earlier this week. The video showed many people spread throughout a lawn praying. That’s right. Praying.

For what though? The caption stated, “This is my childhood home. My mother is inside. Prayer warriors are gathered outside. This is the body of Christ at its finest. We are so grateful. Thank you to everyone who is calling out to God on behalf of our mother from wherever in the world you are. #hesahealer.” She went on to cite the verse 2 Chronicles 2:20.

Call for prayer

Shirer’s father, Pastor Tony Evans, posted to social media in April of 2019 pleading followers to pray for his wife, Lois Evans, saying, “Friends, Please pray for my wife, Lois. Lois has been a cancer-free patient under care for a while. However, her last routine scan revealed that her rare gallbladder cancer has returned. We need God to intervene as we continue our search for an effective treatment. We are going to trust God in the dark for a solution, and we are asking you to fervently pray to that end.

The cancer fighter herself shared a photo of her calendar to twitter. The calendar voiced a message of hope saying, “I’m fighting for you. – God” Lois said that it was her daily reminder of knowing who He is.

In June 2019, Anthony, the son of Lois and Tony, gave an update on Lois’ cancer stating, “My mom actually feels great,” and,”I’m thankful she’s not in pain.”

How is Lois Evans doing now?

Anthony posted on his Instagram story thanking everyone who has sent his mother cards and stated that she was reading them everyday. The Evans’ and Priscilla all posted the same family photo  saying things like “#family” and “God can do miracles!”


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At this point, that’s as much of an update there is on Lois’ health, but she looks good! The family is sticking together and staying positive through it all. It is evident as they pour out hope on social media saying that they are trusting God, praying fervently, and asking followers do the same.

Image Source: Pricilla Shirer

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