A Nurse Educates On The Feelings And Emotions Of A Baby In The Womb | God TV

A Nurse Educates On The Feelings And Emotions Of A Baby In The Womb

A Nurse Educates On The Feelings And Emotions Of A Baby In The Womb
A Nurse Educates On The Feelings And Emotions Of A Baby In The Womb

Sarah Cleveland, a registered sonographer, recalled her experience doing a medical check-up on a pregnant woman. She witnessed how a pre-born baby recognizes danger even inside the mother’s womb.

Pre-born baby has emotions

Sarah could not forget how the baby reacted while the doctor was trying to extract fluid from the mother. The mother underwent a medical procedure where the doctor inserts a needle into her uterus to detect the baby’s health. She guides the doctor through the ultrasound.

Sarah explained that the baby, 18 weeks old, was kicking, playful, and happy before the needle invaded his area. She continued, “Then, the doctor inserted the needle. Immediately, the baby knew something was in his space. That something was different.”

Sarah then guided the needle to a safe area away from the placenta and the baby. “I saw baby dart away from where we were in the uterus and move as far away as possible to the other side of the womb. He stopped kicking and playing. His little heart rate skyrocketed. He was scared. In fact, I am convinced he was terrified.”

The method only lasted for 20 seconds. But it took a few minutes before the baby relaxed again. “I watched the baby for a few minutes longer,” Sarah said. “The baby slowly, eventually, came out of the corner, and the heart rate slowly decelerated.”

18 weeks baby

The harsh reality of abortion

Sarah, the lead abolitionist in the World Life Organization, shares her experience to educate others about the life inside the womb and the horrible reality of abortion.

“So, what of it when something bigger than a needle is inserted into the uterus? What then, when the target was the baby? When a trained professional is aiming to remove this little guy, sometimes, piece by piece, from the safety of his home? Imagine the terror he must feel when being pulled away from it. Imagine the physical pain that sometimes comes with it.”

As God’s children and life bringers, let’s continue to contend in prayer for the lives of babies not yet born. They may result from accidents or mistakes, but God breathes life in them. It is in His desire that they enjoy His Presence here on earth.

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