A Pregnancy Center In America Celebrates 90,000 Babies Saved | God TV

A Pregnancy Center In America Celebrates 90,000 Babies Saved

A Pregnancy Center In America Celebrates 90,000 Babies Saved
A Pregnancy Center In America Celebrates 90,000 Babies Saved

A Texas pregnancy center celebrates 90,000 women choosing life over the past 30 years.

Prestonwood Pregnancy Center

The Prestonwood Pregnancy Center is celebrating their 30 years in the mission to save babies’ lives. Since 1991, the Christian organization has provided women with guidance, education, and medical help in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Moreover, it has been sharing the hope that is found in Jesus alone. The center is strategically positioned directly across the street from a Planned Parenthood clinic.

According to Faithwire, Prestonwood has “served 100,000 patients.” And since the day it started its ministry efforts, 90,000 women have chosen to keep their babies. What’s more, more than 400 people accepted Christ in their hearts last year alone.

Pregnancy Center
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Beacon Of Light For Women

Leanne Jamieson, executive director at PPC, told CBN that “the center serves as a beacon of light for women who are facing challenging issues.”

She said, “When that young woman or couple walks in through the door of our center, we see it as a divine appointment. And in our experience, they also are often broken and looking for hope.”

Further, she added, “They found themselves in this circumstance. And it really often reveals other areas of their life that they are struggling in. And we are really good listeners and we are really there to help them problem solve and navigate their situation. I tell our volunteers and our staff if you are a good listener then God is going to open that door.”

The pregnancy center educates women on all other options aside from abortion. They want them to understand that they’re not alone.

“I really believe that most people seeking an abortion are doing it for some very fundamental reasons,” Leanne explained. “Often there’s a great deal of fear surrounding their pregnancy and because of that fear they’re really looking for some sort of answer, we might say hope – hope that pregnancy does not have to change their life in what they view to be a disastrous way.”

Then she added, “Some of the stories we hear would break your heart. But I’m so grateful to know that I know the Lord that specializes in the broken.”

Also, Prestonwood Pregnancy Center offers the women who come to the center free medical services. “That includes pregnancy testing, an ultrasound to confirm the baby’s due date, and much-needed support for the expectant mother,” reports Faithwire.

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