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Pregnant? Here’s How to Overcome Anxiety and Fear in Pregnancy

Pregnant? Here’s How to Overcome Anxiety and Fear in Pregnancy
Pregnant? Here’s How to Overcome Anxiety and Fear in Pregnancy

Overcome Anxiety and Fear in Pregnancy

Hello there! Congratulations on your pregnancy and for the good news that is on the way!

Pregnancy, rather, a beautiful pregnancy is what God has ordained for His children as they bring forth the fruit of their womb and participate in the wonderful process of creation. Sadly, the nine months of pregnancy more often than not conjure images of fear, anxiety, pain, and suffering. But this is far from what God intended it to be.

Pregnant women tend to do a lot of research about things that are to come. While it is good to be updated about the expected changes in your body, if the information that you intake is causing unnecessary anxiety, then know that the seed of worry is waiting to take root in your life (John 14:1).

The best way to handle the information inflow from books and people around you is to weigh and outbalance every worldly word with the Word of God. For every reason of worry that the world provides, search what God says about it in His Word.

Let me illustrate. When I was pregnant, I picked up a white board and on one side noted down all the causes of my worry (What if my baby is abnormal? I can’t sense my baby moving etc..and the list seemed to be endless). While on the right-hand side I just wrote three words “God is good”. And that one truth from the Word of God was more than sufficient to negate or cancel all that I had written on the left-hand side!

Sometimes we also allow the spirit of fear to take root in our lives in the little things of life. Initially, the devil begins by sowing a wrong seed of thought. We aggravate these fears when we dwell and meditate upon that thought. Therefore it is important to arrest these fears with the Word of God before they become a stronghold in our lives.

Remember you can’t stop the world from talking discouragement, negativity or fear over your life; however, you can take every thought that is not from God’s Word into captivity and make it obedient to Christ.

Also due to hormonal changes, mood swings, stress, and emotional outbursts are common during pregnancy. But God has given us authority over everything and that includes our emotions too. Colossians 2:9-10 says, For, in Christ, all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form, and in Christ, you have been brought to fullness. He is the head over every power and authority.

Remember authority doesn’t beg, plead or ask; authority commands! You need to command your emotions to behave according to the Word of God.

And above all, know that as a child of God you are never alone. Jesus promises to never leave nor forsake you.

What are you fearful of or worrying about?

Remember the Word of God is the right antidote!

Kim DSouzaThis article was written by Kim D’Souza who, together with he husband Derrick, leads Kingdom Seekers International Church in Mumbai, India. Kim‘s calling is to encourage and edify believers through both the written and spoken word. She is the author of ‘It’s Your Turn for a Beautiful Pregnancy,’ and is an avid blogger, read more at


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