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Presence 2020 Online

Join this historic healing gathering!

Presence 2020 Online
Presence 2020 Online

What the world is facing right now coming directly from the devil bringing chaos and disasters globally including by killing tens of thousands of people. This is our time as the body of Christ to arise and shine!

In a few days, we’ve invited key healing ministries from around the world to join this special event to take our promised land and have a major breakthrough for a great healing revival. Together in unity we want to share to this generation the Gospel of Jesus who still saves, delivers and heals including from any kind of viruses!

So we are very excited to invite you to join us and be part of this four historical days

Online Presence 2020 Conference ! May 20st – 23rd May

During those four days, you will be able to experience :

  • 12 hours of livestream healing rally
  • Teachings and revelations from more than 70 key healing ministries around the world including Bill Johnson, Francis Chan, Randy Clark, Heidi Baker, Claudio Freidzon, John and Carole Arnott, Charly Agyn Asare, Katherine Ruonala, Benny Hinn, Michael and Jessica Koulianos, Nathan Morris, Mel Tari, Ben Fitzgerald and many others
  • Healing live talk shows with the speakers
  • Videos of worship and adoration songs with NEW healing songs from different well-known worship leaders like Martin Smith, Paulina Zoetebier, Bethel Music, Upper room, etc
  • LIVE Miracles & Healings services where the ABC of the Gospel will be preached, altar call for salvation and prayers for the sick with the speakers of the day
  • Many translations in different languages during the lives
  • Online Healing Rooms in different languages with individual prayer during the lives
  • Live Holy Spirit Night with global impartation for healing

This is not an exhaustive list of healing ministries but mainly friends as we know them personally. They have also been working with IAHM for many years. We know that there are many more and powerful ones but not known by ourself.


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