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Pro Athletes Boldly Testify About Jesus LIVE On TV

Christians with platforms help inspire hope and faith for all!

Pro Athletes Boldly Testify About Jesus LIVE On TV
Pro Athletes Boldly Testify About Jesus LIVE On TV

God is not only present inside the Church, but all around us. He is with us and He wants to be with us in everything we do, whether we are in our work, in school or even in sports.

Watch this video from A & Ω Productions and be amazed as some remarkable athletes honor God through their chosen sports. It’s so encouraging to see them testify so boldly about Jesus on LIVE TV. What an inspiration they are to so many people, especially those who have lost hope.

Tim Tebow is one of these bold Christian who shares the love of God. He also loses no opportunity to share God’s Word, writing key scriptures on his face including that powerful verse we all know,  John 3:16. Due to this more than 94 million people searched that verse over the Internet. That simple step of faith led so many people to encounter the love of God.

Another sportsman who is not shy about celebrating his Savior is Rocky Seto, a former American football coach, who said in one of his interviews that “Jesus is better than anything… even better than Superbowl!”

Dwight Howard, an American professional basketball player shares how he prays during every game he plays, to keep strong.

Bubba Watson, a bold Christian golfer who plays on the PGA tour, recently testified how he and his wife encountered Jesus and got baptized, on LIVE TV. He is a passionate lover of Jesus and keeps proclaiming His name in interviews.

There are more athletes like Kevin Durran, Ben Watson, Clayton Kershaw, the basketball player Stephen Curry, the boxers George Foreman and Manny Pacquiao, the tennis player Michael Chang and others. All of them bring honor to God through sports. They don’t just play their games for their own victory but also for God’s glory.

And you can also do the same thing in your own way, may it be in business, in entertainment or even in school. You can glorify God in everything that you do. You just have to make Him the center of your life. And he will use you for a greater purpose!

Credits: & Ω Productions

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