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Learning Proper Communication With God Saved My Relationship

Bringing truth into your relationships

Learning Proper Communication With God Saved My Relationship
Learning Proper Communication With God Saved My Relationship

Christianity entrenched in me the belief that communication with God is of paramount importance. And in retrospect, a lack of communication with God for certain longer periods had me taking some carnal steps in life. Steps that I know I would not have taken had my communication with God been on a par with expectations. Without having to sound clich├ęd, every relationship is strengthened with communication. Sincerely, I encourage relentless communication in our pre-marital and marital relationships. Not just communication but open communication.

One of our mishaps is in thinking that our partners know exactly how we feel at all times and that they fully know how to treat us. But I just want to remind us that knowledge is progressive and that there really is no end to the journey of learning. In that same vein, we must make room for the reality that our partners may not know everything at once. And that they are not immune to making mistakes. Instead of assuming that our partners know that the words they uttered or that what they did does not sit well with us, rather sit them down and openly talk to them about it, in a peaceful manner. Open communication is a necessary tool in relationships and it allows misunderstandings to be rectified much more quickly and it sure does bring the point about it.

Communication is Key

We are doing away with the habit of hopping from relationship to another and we are aiming to curtail separation and heart-breaks. This without a doubt needs us to understand and embrace fundamentals such as open communication in our relationships. Open communication is not arguing. If you want to be heard, then purport to communicate to your partner in a well thought out way without having to stir up unnecessary disputes or to arouse anger. Also, your motive for openly communicating to your partner should by no means be a way to make them feel bad. The resolve should plainly be to fix issues and to improve your union.

So go on ahead, be specific in openness and honesty, let your partner know how you feel about certain things and be open-minded to also hear their views. Encourage them to also be straight up with you and be careful not to take offense. Remember, the intentions are not to make the other person feel bad but to improve your union and to increase its splendor. Your relationship can thrive and be what you want it to be. You have that power within you to make it thrive. Instead of getting worked up over challenges in your relationships and determining to let go and to move on. Work on it and specifically work on the communication factor. It is possible to boast of a peaceful and successful relationship, it all starts with a desire and then corresponding actions!

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