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How Can One Receive Provision From God?

"God is my provider."

How Can One Receive Provision From God?
How Can One Receive Provision From God?

How can a person receive provision from God? If He provides, why do we need to ask God for it?

Chris Demetriou

Pastor Chris Demetriou, the co-founder of the Cornerstone The Church, shares a message about God’s provision. He explained why we need to ask God for money though He is our provider. Chris also emphasized that God provides for His people by using other people.

“He blesses people and they are a blessing to others, that’s how God provides. And you can’t get provision sometimes without asking,” Pastor Chris explained.

Provision from God

He then continued to reference Matthew 6:33 to urge everyone to seek first the Kingdom of God if we want to receive the provision that He has promised.

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” -Matthew 6:33

If we desire to be used by God to be a blessing to other people, then His provision will surely follow us. So, if God is blessing you more than you need, that means that He wants you to be His instrument. God wants you to give to others.

“When we seek first brothers, when we put God’s Kingdom in front of everything else, then, He promises to add what we need in abundance so that we can a blessing.”


Asking God for provision is showing our faith in Him and that we believe that He is our provider. It is the desire of the Lord to bless all His children.

“I’m believing for a great measure of generosity when I ask. But, God is my provider, God is the person I go to. He will supply and provide all my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”

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