Discover Our New Program, Pure Gold With Steven Brooks, Premiering June 29th | God TV

Discover Our New Program, Pure Gold With Steven Brooks, Premiering June 29th

Discover Our New Program, Pure Gold With Steven Brooks, Premiering June 29th
Discover Our New Program, Pure Gold With Steven Brooks, Premiering June 29th

Pure Gold, launching June 29th, is GOD TV’s newest 30 minute television program with Pastor Steven Brooks. Pastor Steven ministers the Word of God through anointed teaching that is simple and easy to understand for all believers. These messages are full of joy and his preaching style often makes viewers laugh as he interweaves his sermons with many of his own personal life stories.  Pure Gold has two primary goals. First, to build up the believer strong in faith. Second, to inspire them to develop a close walk with God.

What You’ll Get With Pure Gold

Pastor Steven gives much focus on empowering the believer through solid teaching. However, he never forgets that there are those who watch who have not yet received Christ as their Lord and Savior.  Before closing out each message Pastor Steven always presents an opportunity for the lost to receive Christ, as he leads them in a simple prayer of salvation.  As any good fisherman knows, once you catch the fish you have to clean them.  So, Pastor Steven puts a balanced focus on discipleship of equipping the saints while consistently throwing the nets to pull more souls into the Lord’s eternal Kingdom.


In the formation of developing this television program, Pastor Steven sought the Lord concerning the name of the show.  One day, while on his knees and deep in prayer the Holy Spirit spoke to him and said, “Turn your Bible to Exodus chapter 30, verse 3, and I will reveal the name of the program to you.”  As he opened his Bible to that specific page and his eyes fell upon the text, the Lord caused the words “pure gold” to be supernaturally highlighted.

And you shall overlay its top, its sides all around, and its horns with pure gold; and you shall make for it a molding of gold all around.”  – Exodus 30:3

The words stood up off the page in glistening letters, similar to a hologram.  The Holy Spirit then spoke and said, “The name of the program will be Pure Gold.”  Pastor Steven understood that the context of that particular verse was speaking of the altar of incense which was located in the Holy Place of the tabernacle.  This sacred altar is a symbolic representation of prayer and speaks to us today of our essential need to be in daily communion with God through prayer.

The Blessing

Because of the prophetic anointing upon his life, Pastor Steven often teaches on our inheritance in Christ. He is very knowledgeable as he speaks on the subject of angels, heavenly visitations, visions, the gifts of the Spirit, fasting and prayer, miracles and the supernatural.  You will be blessed as you watch the timeless messages of Pure Gold with Steven Brooks.

Stream Pure Gold live on GOD TV starting June 29th!


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